Highly Un-recommended: Painted Brows!

I was listening to the radio on my drive to a doctor’s appointment today. Our local morning show (Hot 99.5) hosts asked questions like, “Do you think women look bitchy with painted brows? Do you recommend this type of trend?”

Let’s dissect this shall we? Well, I am sure some women have a hard time finding the right brow specialist.  One who grooms their arch just right to give a natural yet sexy frame to the eye. I am also aware some women “need” to draw or paint them in due to illness or some horrible brow wax situation. BUT, (as much as we love this girl) do they really need to paint it on with marker or dark pencil like Sonia Pizarro from that Operation Repo show?

Answer: “NO!”

Look, just because you see these trends on reality TV or on the runways of fashion week….doesn’t make it right! 

Although this trend is fun and different for Halloween, it isn’t for real life!  Frankly, it is highly Un-recommended!  No matter what your situation is, you can still achieve an amazing shape by following these quick make-up artist tricks.

FIRST, comb your eyebrows using a brow brush to ensure all the hairs are going in the same direction.

NEXT, look straight in the mirror and check the symmetry of your brows using the end of the brow brush handle. Draw an imaginary line from the outer sides of the ball of your nose to your brows. That is where eyebrows should start and where you should begin, especially if you’re new to shaping.


THEN, place the handle on the tip of the outer part of the nose as a reference, placing it over your pupil to judge the “point of arch” as above. This is your highest point of your brow.

LAST, using the same starting point, extend the handle outward to the corner of the eye, this is the “end brow” point. 

Using an angled tweezer, pluck the bottom hairs away until you achieve the shape you want.

For those who have very sparce hairs, I recommend using a brow stencil like the one we have at ink…cosmetics. I use these on myself to create a perfect underline and on my clients with cancer who have no hair due to their treatments.  The trick is to…. 

ink...cosmetics brow stencils available Jan 2012 on www.shopinkcosmetics.com

NEVER use a pencil! The line becomes too harsh and unnatural.  You should use a shadow or brow powder which is the closest to your hair color. I add a little of our cake eyeliner sealant which makes any shadow into a liner but dries like a powder (also available on www.shopinkcosmetics.com Jan 2012).

Q:  Anna, what about getting my brows tattooed?

A:  I am hooked on tattoos…for my body, not my face. Tattoos fade over time and as you know, they are permanent.  What if they jack it up?  That’s on your face forever unless you want to surgically remove it. With stencils and powders, you can easily wash and fix.  Over time you will become a pro and may be able to freehand it as well. 

Just remember, your brow shouldn’t make you look unapproachable or like a bitch. It should compliment your already beautiful face and sexy sophisticated attitude!


I posted this earlier today (Dec 22, 2011) and received a comment from a friend on Facebook who works at the tattoo shop where I got my right shoulder done by artist, Anya.  We will call him “L.T.” for now.

“L.T.” stated, “While tattooing eyebrows may be a bad idea, they are able to be removed in multiple ways OTHER than surgery. In fact the very shop you were tattooed at ( The Body Gallery, in Sterling, VA) advertises in their front window that they offer laser tattoo removal. There is also “wrecking balm” which is a product that can be purchased at Wal-mart and is designed for home use, although results are debatable.”  There are actually an infinite number of ways to remove tattoos. It’s just a mater of the risks you are will…ing to take and you pain tolerance. Currently the most consistent and least dangerous is laser removal. I’d think twice before I tried any of the other methods. Then again if thinking twice were those people’s strong points they wouldn’t have tattoos that needed to be removed to begin with.”

Awesome input/comment “L.T”, thank you for the insight!  Loved it!

XOXO Besos,


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