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Ever wonder where a fashion designer gets their inspiration from to start their own clothing or jewelry line? Or how about where their vision comes from to design their next piece of clothing/jewelry? I had the opportunity to interview an up and coming fashion designer in the DMV area, Natalia Sanz.

Natalia Sanz (left) with a model at the Pink Rocks the Runway fashion show

Shaina: What inspired you to go into fashion and start your own line?

Natalia: I knew I wanted to design since the fifth grade when I would stay up late watching fashion shows on the Style channel. It has been my passion since then and I have worked very hard to reach my goals.  I went to AI Miami International University of Art and Design.  After that, I returned to the DC area where I started my collection by designing a few pieces for Circle Boutique and then debuted my collection at DC Fashion Week. Since then I have designed four collections and started a jewelry line.

Shaina: What style and look is your line about?

Natalia: I design pieces that fuse classic silhouettes and modern details. I like to use angles and streamlined cuts to bring a modern edge to classic silhouettes. I specialize in cocktail dresses but created tops, bottoms, and suits as well.

A model wearing a dress from the Natalia Sanz Collection

A model at a photoshoot showcasing a piece by Natalia Sanz

Shaina: Where do you get your inspiration/ideas for the next article of clothing or jewelry you design?

Natalia: As an artist you can be inspired by almost anything. I’ve been inspired by anything from nature to a perfume bottle but some of the typical things I am inspired by are origami, architecture, sculptures, colors, and textures. I am also inspired by the past and am heavily inspired by classic design.

Shaina: Where has some of your clothes and jewelry been featured?

Natalia: My garments have been featured in Council Magazine as well as Worn Magazine. I was also recently named one of Council Magazines DC Designers to Watch in 2012. I have shown my garments at DC Fashion Week, NOVA Fashion Week, Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Expo, and Crystal Couture to name a few.

Photoshoot with a Natalia Sanz outfit


Collection by Natalia Sanz

To check for new pieces from the Natalia Sanz collection, visit her website Natalia Sanz or her Facebook page.

Photos provided by: Natalia Sanz

Article by: DC ON HEELS Correspondent

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