Amazing Makeup Brushes Under $6.99 @Target!

In an emergency situation or when applying makeup for a creative project, a professional makeup artist has enough practice and experience where they can probably get away with using just a Q-tip or their fingertips.  Having the right tools when applying your favorite makeup look is probably the easiest way to achieve your end result.  I am all about having the best tools in my makeup and beauty arsenal! 

I recently did makeup on model “Jennifer” for the WELLTA design launch, November 5th, 2011 (see pic).  One of the girls fell in love with how I sculpted the models brows and liner.  Then  I was asked, “Where do you recommend I purchase brushes on a frugal plan?”  I have “Saks taste on a Target budget.”  I cracked up, gave her a high five and said, “I hear you chica!”  My answer…easy! 


 Go to TARGET!  Honestly I have two complete professional artist brush sets and my favorite “key” tools are from Target.  Take note and save my beauty fans!  All my must-have brushes are under $6.99! 

 FOUNDATION brushes are just that!  Use this style brush to apply foundation and blend product in a circular motion.  You  can also use this brush to apply translucent powder under the eye in order to catch any fallen shadow and sweep away at the end of application. (cost $6.99)


 (From left to right)

LASH/BROW brushes are great!  You should comb lashes before you apply mascara.  You never know if your makeup remover left any traces of product from the night before.  After you fill in your brow for better shaping you can place a little hair spray on the brush bristles and lightly brush over your brow hairs to help keep them in place. (cost $1.99)

ANGLED LINER BRUSH is my number one favorite  (actually, so is a lip brush).  Along with the obvious use of lining your eyes.  The liner brush is great for brow powder application of sparce areas.  I used the brush on Jennifer in both cases. (cost $2.29)

SMUDGE BRUSHES are completely fabulous!  I like to use them for more procise applications of shimmer shadow or to smoke out an underlined eye. (cost $2.99)

POWDER/BLUSH BRUSHES help complete and set your makeup.  Add a little oil control poweder all over your face for a matte finish.  When applying blush be sure to start at the apple of the cheek (smile when applying blush for a better understanding of where “your” apple is ) then sweep the color up and away towards your ear.  Be sure to BLEND!  Never show lines of demarkation! (cost $4.99 = powder brush) (cost $3.99 = blusher brush)

If you are looking to make a career out of beautifying men/women around your area, purchasing enough brushes to save time and ensure for a more sanitary application needs to be on your to-do list!  In a world with an unknown financial outcome I want to assist in keeping more $$ in your pocket.  At the end of the day you should look as good as you feel and not worry about if it’s breaking your bank.  “Who has time for that anyway?”



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