J’Adore Beija Flor – Jeans You Can Live In

Do you ever wake up in the morning and the only thing you want to put on is something comfortable with a little Spandex in it? Unless you’re a Sports Illustrated bikini model (and maybe even if you are), then the answer is probably YES. Every girl has those days when she is feeling less than skinny… especially around the holidays.

I certainly know the feeling: you want to be comfortable, you want to be relaxed, but you DON’T want to be caught dead wearing MOM JEANS [insert horror movie music here]!

mom jeans

Just Say NO: "Mom Jeans" may be tempting, but there IS hope if you want style and comfort.

That’s why, I was so excited when Vanessa and I discovered Beija-Flor Jeans last year. It’s an up-and-coming denim line with roots in Brazil that was started by a mother and daughter duo who refused to sacrifice style for comfort.

Beija-Flor has denim down to a science!

Kathy Moça and her daughter Emilie Moça Whitaker have been working together since 2005 to bring women in the United States the perfect fitting jean. They found the solution in a special Brazilian-made denim that they use to make every single pair of Beija-Flor jeans.

We met Kathy last year at a trunk show in Alexandria where she explained the concept behind her collection: creating premium jeans with a great fit for modern women of all ages. (VIDEO: see video our interview with Kathy Moça by clicking here).

From left to right: Markette, Beija-Flor's Kathy Moça and Vanessa at a denim trunk show last year.

This fall, it is daughter Emilie who will be in town to showcase Beija-Flor’s fall/winter 2011 line of great fitting jeans. She will host a designer’s reception at Periwinkle in Alexandria, Va. on Friday, Nov. 11 from 10a.m.-8p.m. Shoppers can RSVP to meet the Beija-Flor designer and co-owner by calling Periwinkle at: 703-519-5242, or by visiting www.periwinkleshop.com.

DC on Heels got a sneak preview of the fall/winter denim collection with the following two pairs of jeans:

Vanessa: The Gillian Pod in black
The Gillian, quite simply, feels good. It combines the sleek styling of Beija-Flor’s award-winning jeans (named one of Redbook magazine’s top “25 jeans made for your body”)  with an unparalleled comfort and convenience of a pull-on-pant.
Comfy Features: pull-on waistband, soft stretchy material in the back of the waistband to prevent “gaps” or what some like to call, “construction worker cleavage.”
Benefits: flattens tummy, eliminates “button bump,” memory-stretch denim from heel to waist, flattering rear pockets
Cut: The company say they’re “forgiving” skinny jeans. We say: they are skinny jeans that won’t make you suffocate.

Markette: The Nicole “Butt Lifter” Skinny in natural denim
Beija Flor calls it, “the ultimate butt-lifting jean!” We say, “Here! Here!” to that. The jean not only grips your behind (keeping it firmly in place), but its super-soft, stretchy denim does NOT look like a stretch pant. It gives the illusion of a regular denim pant with all of the comforts of a stretchy, forgiving fabric.
Comfy Features: super-soft denim, slim through hips and thigh, contoured in back for full coverage
butt-lifting and butt-stabilizing (which means, for lack of a better phrase, that you won’t jiggle) with flattering rear pockets
Cut: Beija Flor says the cut is “forgiving skinny.” We say the fabric is forgiving and the cut is more like a stylish slim fit than a skinny jean made for a teenager.

Simply put, we love these jeans!

See Beija Flor's entire collection at: www.ilovethesejeans.com

Don’t forget: you can try them for yourself and meet Beija-Flor designer Emilie Moça Whitaker this Friday, Nov. 11 at Periwinkle in Alexandria, Va., located on 1557 Potomac Greens Drive  Alexandria, VA 22314.

Happy shopping!



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