DC on Heels Hearts Giuliana Rancic

DC on Heels hearts Giuliana Rancic of E! News for many reasons. Not only because she has reached the heights of success that many of us entertainment bloggers and journos can only dream of, but also because she’s a hometown girl (from Maryland by way of Italy) and the fact that she’s a fellow alum of American University’s graduate journalism program.

So it was a shock to hear on NBC’s “Today” show Monday that the 37-year-old former Miss Maryland hopeful has breast cancer.

“Through my attempt to get pregnant for the third time through IVF, we sadly found out that I have early stages of breast cancer,” Rancic told “Today” cohost Ann Curry. (See full interview here.)

The red carpet hostess has been candid about her infertility struggles on her Style Network reality show, Giuliana & Bill, in which she stars in with her husband, Bill Rancic, winner of the first season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.


Giuliana's reality star husband Bill sat backstage at "Today" while made the announcement.

She says she went “kicking and screaming” to get a mammogram only because her fertility doctor said it was a must before she underwent another treatment. Now she says not having a baby saved her life because if she would have gotten pregnant the cancer may have grown more aggressively.

“And now I truly believe that God was looking out for me,” Rancic told Curry.

DC on Heels interviewed Rancic last year at the National Italian American Foundation Gala, where we experienced what a truly down to Earth and humble person she is. Rancic says her goal in speaking out about her breast cancer diagnosis is to encourage more young women in their 20s and 30s get mammograms.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and, according to Rancic, there ain’t no time like the present to get a check up. Will you go this month and get the test?




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  1. Michael Chadnoffsky

    I was shocked hearing exactly what this lady is going through. I suppose that is just life. It will test us in plenty of ways, just hold on to those who care for you and see strength from them, and most especially, from God. He will guide you through this. My hopes and thoughts are with her and her family. I am pretty sure she’d overcome this, she’s a strong woman and have a wonderfully supportive family. So Giuliana, hang in there! Can’t wait to see you back full steam ahead.