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I receive many beauty questions on tips and tricks through many social media outlets I use for my company.  I wanted to take a minute or two in order to share this one with our DCOH readers.  With permission from the author, although she wishes to remain nameless, here is her question.

Q.  Anna, “I know this may sound silly and I am ok if you are shaking your head at me, but, I have to ask; you’re the expert and beauty extraordinaire. Over the past year my body has had havoc wreaked on it; I found out I am diabetic and it has taken its toll on me. Apparently I have had it my entire career, but I have only found out last summer. It seems to have caught up to me pretty quickly. I would like a fresh classic look for work, enough to freshen up my skin…but I don’t even know where to start. Something that is professional but still helps give my skin an extra glow and feel alive again. Off duty, I’ll start some other time, but right now, it seems like my demanding schedule keeps me in front of a whole lot of people. I think people are being nice to me when they say I don’t look 35, but I can help but see the tiredness creeping up and there are days when I am drained…I am trying to keep my body/skin healthy etc which can be difficult and the dryness here is worse than when I lived in WY. What would you recommend to help me look not so much younger, but the best 35 I can be while getting back on my feet?….I know you are soooo busy and I hope I am not intruding too much; I see all of the beautiful pictures of the women you worked with and while I may not be a model, I would still like to look like the best me while getting through all of this.”

Thank you, 

From an Active Duty Military Member and Mother

A. Dear Military Mamacita,

Here is the scope. First, you don’t have to be a “model” or super thin to feel and look your best. You must follow a few tips though… TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST!  I know the demands are a bit much from our military lives but you can’t do your best if you aren’t feeling your best. Big thing is to take good care of your skin, this helps achieve a flawless look. You will also need to use  a good foundation and concealer. These two products will ease the process of your makeup application. Picture your face like a blank page or clean canvas.  Everything else you add after you have evened it out, will make your final product a masterpiece!

Inside look:


Follow this daily/weekly regimen to help you achieve a more youthful complexion. Key is to find a product that works for your skin type. Here is my skin care regimen.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Moisturize
  3. Tone
  4. Mask – Apply a mask once a week.
  5. Microdermabrasion – I use an at home cream once every 10 days.
  6. Sunscreen – Apply daily to help you from pre-aging effects of the sun.

Makeup Application:

Foundation types :

Creme – This type of foundation can be used for a fuller, velvety coverage. It is a blendable formula and is easy to use all over the face or perfect for touch-ups on problem areas.


Stick – My all-time favorite. Foundation sticks are blendable, with a concealer or creme-to-powder like finish.  I consider it an all-in-one stick. Easy to apply and perfect full coverage for all over your face or just dab on problem areas. 



Liquid – Is the ultimate water-based foundation! Liquid foundation is normally oil-free based and contains soft focus powders that make the skin look and feel natural and flawless. It also provides a light to medium coverage and is recommended for all skin types.



Concealer – A must have cover-up and the perfect rescue for all eye emergencies. Cover dark circles, hide fine lines, and even out skin tones under the eye without the heaviness or greasy feeling of other products.

I recommend applying foundations using a foundation brush. Sweep the stick foundation across your forehead, down your nose, on both sides of your cheek, and across your chin.  If you choose to use a liquid, dab the product in those areas. Use your foundation brush and spread the product in circular motions; doing this will help spread the product evenly and thoroughly for a more HD effect.

The Glow:

Use makeup bronzer. I love liquid bronzers.  These are temporary and can be applied where you need it.  I love to pat the product on my cheeks but also mix it with my moisturizer in order to add to my whole face, neck, arms and legs.

I hope this helps start your new regimen!  I recommend checking out my other articles for some easy step by step makeup applications for every day.  Please email me if you need more information, tips, tricks, or any beauty advice and I will elaborate. 

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XOXO Besos,


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Beauty editor for DC on Heels. Anna is a celebrity makeup artist/stylist, active duty air force member and owner of Ink Cosmetics. That’s right, she can karate kick chop you and apply your lashes at the same time. Follow her @inkcosmetics