DC Fashion Week: My First Runway Event

Moda. In other words fashion.

This year, the International Couture Fashion Show brought together designers from all over the world to showcase their best looks and designs at the Embassy of France as the last show for DC Fashion Week. As a birthday gift from my parents, I was surprised with tickets to my very first fashion show! I excitedly counted down the days to when I could get all dolled up to go to such an elegant event. The week before, I found a fabulous sequined dress and Googled different types of hairstyles I wanted to wear.

On the day of the show, the first thing we did was take pictures like tourists outside outside the French Embassy. We marveled at the  interior with the variety of vendors, who were showing off all their clothes and jewelry to guests.

Once cocktail hour ended, all the guests began to file into the main area where the runway was placed. During the show I was excited to see all the collections as the host would mention where each designer found their inspiration — from their own children to the places they have lived.

With each showcase, my head would follow one model down the runway, but then suddenly shift back to see what was coming up next. Though some of the clothes I know I couldn’t personally pull off, these models looked effortless in everything they wore.

The Indian clothing line, PUA, which is designed and owned by Zarmina Said,  was one of my favorite collections during the night because of her use of color as well as detail. Executive director of the 15th Annual DC Fashion Week, Ean Williams displayed as the finale a mens couture collection designed by himself, Corjor International. Williams said during the event that the purpose of DC Fashion Week was to create attention to the fact that Washington was not only the nation’s capital, but could one day be a fashion capitol.

By the end of the night, I was completely satisfied with the great show and its creative designers. Watch out New York! I agree with Williams, Washington has the potential to be a fashion capital, as well.


– Colleen Antonio, Events intern for DC on Heels

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