DC Style Watch: Friends Don’t Let Friends Dress…

Hi DC on Heels family! Welcome to my inaugural DC Style Watch post!  I’m excited to be here!

Just a little about me: I’m a modern early 30s woman (early, early, lol!) on a mission to live the life I’ve been blessed with to the fullest and to look good while doing it. In my day job I’m an Air Force JAG officer, and in my personal time I’m an event planner and independent Stella & Dot Jewelry stylist. That’s right, I’m using all sides of my brain.

I’m originally from Baton Rouge, La., but I love living, working and playing in the DMV! I look forward to your feedback as we go forward with a series of DC Style Watch posts and Stella & Dot jewelry giveaways! (That’s FREE jewels, ladies! So stay tuned!!).

Washington is a place where often everyone seems to be from everywhere else, so I figure that after living here a few years, we’re just as much an authority on DC Style as the next person who just arrived with, let’s say, a new election.

First up, let’s talk about the concept of a “Wingman” (or in our case Wingwoman). Within the Air Force, your Wingman is your buddy…your partner, your pal, the one who watches out for you and keeps you out of trouble. Outside of the Air Force, your “Wingwoman” is your best girl or girls, who watch out for you and keep you out of trouble. 🙂  Think television shows like “Sex and the City” or “Girlfriends.”

The distinctly different, but undeniably stylish SATC girls.

The ladies from "Girlfriends" all dressed up.

Now, have you ever seen a group of friends walking downtown in DC and noticed that, although they generally share a similar style aesthetic, one of them does not look like the others?  As in, her outfit is a little too short, too tight, or too loose, too long. It’s basically too something and you’re wondering why her girls didn’t just “help a sista out” before they walked out the door.

I’m not talking about  changing her style so that they all look like the virtual clones that seem to roam the streets. I’m talking about making sure she looks good, whatever her style is.

Just as there is that classic accessories rule that whenever you are about to walk out the door, you should take one item off, there should be a rule that whenever you are about to walk out the door, you should give your girlfriend the once over and make sure she looks good! And don’t tell me that everyone already does that or there wouldn’t be these unfortunate characters walking down the street. As a Wingwoman, before anyone on the street should be telling your friend that she has a bra strap falling, a face full of clown makeup or that she basically looks like a squeezed sausage… you should be telling her.

In a recent good example of Wingwomanship (is that a word?), a newly shorn Vanessa Hudgens and regular cutie Hayden Panettiere posed on the red carpet at Neutrogena’s Wave for Change event in Los Angeles. They both looked great in their own way don’t you think?

Photo credit: Albert Michael via Instyle.com

I like that Hudgens is working the Bohemian look, while Panettiere is still slightly preppy. I’m feeling their accessory styles as well; you can get similar looks via my Stella & Dot eboutique.

Hudgens is working the layered necklaces and statement ring.


Stella & Dot Revival Tassel Necklace & Awakening Charm Necklace featured in Aug 11 Everyday with Rachel Ray

Semi precious stone "Camila" ring set in gold plated adjustable band.

Panettiere keeps it cool and classic with studs and a delicate necklace.

CZ Glint Flower Studs as seen in Instyle Weddings

"Together Forever" gold and silver necklace

All super cute and affordable options!

So here is your assignment: there is a meltingly hot weekend coming up in DC.  DO NOT let your girlfriend be caught outside in shredded daisy dukes shorts, a tank top and flip flops… We’ll be watching.

Your jewelry girl,

Coretta, Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot

Coretta Johnson Gray

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  1. Tia Jones

    Hey Coretta,
    Congratulations Fellow Stella Gal! Great time for you, cant wait to read!

  2. Coretta Johnson Gray

    Thanks Tia! We’re just trying to make sure everyone is looking their best out there!

  3. Coretta

    Thanks for stopping by Tia! We’re just trying to make sure everyone is looking and feeling their best out there, right?! 🙂

  4. tori nelson

    Exciting! Love your first post! I’m lucky to have a whole gaggle of girlfriends who stop me from dressing like a fool. It’s like having a really stylish security blanket 🙂

  5. Shante'

    My personal style is slightly preppy or preppy with a twist as I like to call it and I adore Hayden Panettiere here. Your article is so on point – one thing I notice is girlfriends can and need to embrace their own personal style that is right for their body type, skin tone and persona just like all the ladies you have shown examples of. Too often we try to suggest our wingwomen embrace our personal style instead of unleashing their own. Great blog post Coretta!

  6. Coretta Johnson Gray

    That’s what I like to hear Tori! Wingwomen in action! LOL!

  7. Coretta Johnson Gray

    Doesn’t Panettiere look good – very bright eyed and busy tailed! And I definitely agree that girlfriends need to let their girlfriends embrace their own personal style. That is such a good point! Don’t make faces if your girl doesn’t look like you – again with the gaggles of uniformly dressed friends – just make sure she looks like the best her!

  8. Heather

    Looooooove it Jewerly girl, keep helping the accesory challenged whether one pendant, broach, or bangle at a time! Your a good woman! 😉

  9. Coretta Johnson Gray

    I’m doing my best Heather! Just trying to be like you when I grow up! 🙂

  10. Elise Lininger

    Right on! You hit the nail on the head! I love your writing style, Coretta!

    BIG FAN!

  11. Desiree

    You hit the nail on the head! We sistahs need to stick together! Great article!

  12. Alexia

    Love the post, my dear! You are a Fashionista of the highest caliber!

  13. Coretta Johnson Gray

    Well, thank you so much “Big Fan,” I appreciate all you fabulous women stopping by and seconding the motion! 🙂

  14. Coretta Johnson Gray

    Thanks Desiree!

  15. Coretta Johnson Gray

    I approve that message Alexia! We Fashionistas must have each one teach one, lol!

  16. Joycelyn

    As someone who has been assisted by my style friends in the past, I appreciate your article and look forward to reading more in the future. I also love my Stella and Dot jewelry and will be contacting you soon for advice on my fall purchases! Take care and congratulations on your success. You deserve it!

  17. Tiffany

    In the spirit of “wingwomanship”, EXCELLENT article! I am so excited for you (taking over the world with style *smile*) and for me (the opportunity to get FREE S&S jewels *smile*). Congratulations!!

  18. Charlene Redman

    Hi Coretta,

    Love your article. I look forward to the next one. You are such an amazing woman. I wanna know where you find the time for all that you do? All I can say is “You Go Girl”

  19. My

    “I am my sister’s “style” keeper.” Absolutely!

  20. Coretta Johnson Gray

    Thanks Joycelyn!! Style friends are a must, so are Stella & Dot friends, lol! 🙂

  21. Coretta Johnson Gray

    Yes ma’am!! On all fronts! *smile* Thanks Tiffany!

  22. Coretta Johnson Gray

    Thank you Charlene! I’m looking forward to the next one too. There is too much style to write about! And thank you so much for all of your encouragement. When its fun, it doesn’t feel like work to me 🙂 This is fun!

  23. Coretta Johnson Gray

    “I am my sister’s “style keeper.” Perfect!! If I put that on a T-Shirt and make loads of money, don’t sue me!

  24. Excel

    Great post, i’ll forward this to my sisters!

  25. Coretta Johnson Gray

    That’s good Wingmanship Excel! 😉