Artist Spotlight: Brandon Hill AKA The Baby Chicken

DC On Heels Artist Spotlight: Brandon Hill


ChickenVille,as described by the artist, is a place defined as a jubilant mixture of Americana, technical proficiency of craft and ideas of pop-culture, sci-fi, lore and legend, all meeting on the same plateau.“The Babychicken” Hill’s work reflects his unique perspective of both the serious and trivial nature of objects and concepts that we humans interact with.

I’m  Brandon Hill a DC based, Charm City raised artist/designer.  If art were the movies, I’m definitely the “Spaghetti Western” a cohesive mix trying to be both throwback and avant-garde. I’m from a really strange town that can be as dangerous as it is friendly, and whose cuisine is top notch but only from the shabbiest of joints. I grew up with a hammer in my hand and that was refined upon graduating University of Maryland, College Park. Having a formal and informal education in “making things” has makes me an honest fan of the creative process that goes from lose idea to product. As a result I have a very diverse skill set that produces everything from 2-D painting, wood sculpture, illustration, to apparel.

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Topics of my work are largely based on largely human ideas and concepts of culture, community, places, or people, mixed with an emphasis on good craftsmanship . As a result the reasons that Noam Chomsky, Mr. T, El Santo or Robocop interests me so does Japanese Carpentry , Fiberglass, Wood Inlay, and crocheting . Though I use anything I can get my hands on, I primarily use wood, canvas, steel, resin in my work. And normally that work is thought of in “groups ” as many of the ideas I explore are sequential in nature and so are explored as themes in multiple pieces. My goal as an artist is to simply carve a niche out for myself while contributing something positive and new to the overall art world aesthetic. It’s hard to do new, but I keep trying and keep hustling everyday.

I just like making things that I have “never” period. It forces you to avoid thinking of what you make as the better or best of something if in reality it is the only. Same mentality applied to the heels, just love the oddness of them. I really want to create a design exclusivity rather than exclusivity by price. About creating a little bit of ‘pop’ with a chick that ‘owns’ her style. That is how I have always thought of Art in general.

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