Bronze and Beautiful

Blush and Bronzer:

Best products in a woman’s beauty bag!  They work together to bring your face to life by giving you a beautiful glow at the same time.  Follow this two-step process.  I always love adding bronzer before the cheek color.  Bronzer is not just for the young at heart!  Everyone can benefit from a bronzer because it adds warmth and helps you actually look healthier and younger.  First you need to find your cheekbones.  Look in the mirror and smile.  Locate the center of the “apple” of your check and place your index finger there. Then, place your thumb at the top of your ear where it connects to your head.  Take your thumb and bring it toward your index finger.  The bone you feel is your cheekbone.  Apply color directly onto the cheekbone. You should use separate brushes for both bronzer and blush to keep the products pure.

Applying Bronzer:

Bronzer makes your skin glow due to the sun-kissed affect.  You should apply bronzer to the outer edges of your face and on your cheekbones.  You can use this product to lightly sculpt your nose and chin for a more slimming look.  Begin applying your bronzer at the back of your cheekbone first then sweep it forward.  Then go back and sweep it in the opposite direction.  Add a dap on the temples to help shape your face.

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Applying Blush:

Be sure to pick the right shade of blush first!  Do not use too much but apply enough so it can last.  Do not use blush to contour the face.  To apply powdered blush us an angled larger blush brush.  Apply the product to your cheekbone starting at the back and working forward towards your nose.  For a more natural appearance you can try applying bronzer as directed then take a light sheer blush and apply it to the apple of your cheek.  I love using a fan brush for this technique.

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Tip:  If you applied too much blush do not worry!  You can tone it down with a loose translucent powder.

Anna Castillo
Celeb MUA

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