SAX! DC’s Sexy New Burlesque Lounge

Washington may never have the same swanky lounge scene as New York, but with the recent additions of SAX this May, Lincoln in March, and Buddha Bar in 2010, the city is headed in the right direction.

The scene was lively at the pre-opening party for SAX.

I recently had the pleasure of attending two of the opening parties for SAX Restaurant & Lounge located on 11th Street NW in the space formerly occupied by Posh and, prior to that, the Miami-inspired Ortanique.

Michelle at SAX

Author Michelle Schoenfeld (far left) at SAX with friends.

When I walked through the dimly lit holding area and into the impressive grand main room for the first time, I was pleased to see that it had retained some of the dramatic elements of the previous ventures, such as the two-story ceiling and large overlooking balconies. But SAX has added a provocative new spice all its own.

SAX Lounge

SAX Rules: Diners must spend a minimum of $75 per person on drinks and dinner and reservations are required.

The chic designs include red velvet booths, luxurious oversized chandeliers, a large well-staffed bar, and the not to be missed 2nd story wall to wall window, complete with a live and carefully choreographed burlesque style show.

SAX burlesque dancers

The burlesque show takes place behind a glass pane.

SAX Burlesque Dancers

Room with a View: dancers at SAX entertain from the upper level of the lounge.

For most I’m sure the sexy dancers were the main attraction, but I enjoyed the sure to be controversial murals cleverly placed along the walls and staircases just as much.

SAX Mural

One of the controversial murals at SAX.

The murals are easily overlooked due to the restaurant’s overall opulence, but you won’t want to miss them.

I don’t want to give too much away, but being a Texas girl my favorite has something to do with former President Bush having a rip-roarin good time.

I think owners Errol Lawrence and Nancy Kioda, who also own Oya and Sei, may have put their finger on what DC has been missing.


Bon appetit!

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