PRIME TIME: Makeup Must Have!

With so many foundation primers out on the market these days; I was asked which one is the best?  Where can I find an affordable primer?  Well, makeup maniacs, the one I have used for the past few years has been good enough for me and my A-List clients.  I recommend trying Sephora’s Smoothing Primer.  This is one of my favorite Makeup Artist must haves!  You can get this of coarse at any Sephora store or buy it online at for only $15.
What does this product do exactly?
The Smoothing Primer helps minimize skin imperfections and eases your foundation application. I have found using this product will keep your makeup on longer.  Your skin is left velvety smooth with a matte finish.How do you use this product? Easy!  Before you apply your foundation pump a little primer on your finger tips and smooth the product all over your face right before you apply your foundation.  This product is great for combination to oily skin types. tip:  Mix the Smoothing Primer with a liquid foundation for a lighter coverage and to create an even skintone.
Now your FEET  are  just as important as your FACE! Here is an easy Pedi tutorial.
Spring has sprung and  it is definitely mani/pedi time!  Mix up your look by applying darker nail color on your toes and a lighter version of the same color palette on your hands.  Here is a quick and easy Pedi you can do at home.
Pedicure How-to:
1.  Remove existing nail color from your toes.
2.  Clip and file nails straight across.
3.  Apply cuticle oil around cuticles and soak your feet in a foot bath of warm soapy water for about five to ten min.  You can add a little epsom salt to aalleviate aches and pains.
4.  Use a pumice stone on the rough areas of your feet.
5.  Using an orangewood stick clean under nails. Remove feet from foot bath and towel dry.
6.  Cover your feet with a moisturizing foot cream and place socks on while you do your manicure.
7.  Finish toes off by applying a base coat, two coats of nail color, and a top coat.
Favorite color and product of the week?  OPI Nail Lacquer called Wing It!

Color retails for about $7.50 each.
Anna Castillo
Celeb MUA

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    Good tip on the foundation primer! I’ll have to share with my brides.

  2. Anna Castillo

    Thanks Coretta! We appreciate the comments and are so happy to see you are able to use the tips! More coming soon! XOXO Besos! Anna C.