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Come join DC on Heels for a special sneak preview of the new Kate Hudson romantic comedy, Something Borrowed. In theaters May 6, the movie is produced by Oscar-winning actress Hillary Swank. It also stars Ginnifer Goodwin of HBO’s Big Love and John Krasinski from NBC’s The Office.

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About the Movie:

Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) is a talented attorney at a top New York law firm, a generous and loyal friend, and, unhappily, still single — as her engaged best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson) is constantly reminding her. But after celebrating her 30th birthday, perpetual good girl Rachel unexpectedly ends up in the arms of the guy she’s had a crush on since law school, Dex (Colin Egglesfield)… who just happens to be Darcy’s fiancé.

As one thing leads to another in the frantic weeks leading up to Darcy’s wedding, Rachel finds herself in an impossible situation, caught between her treasured friendship with Darcy and the love of her life.

John Krasinski stars in the romantic comedy as Ethan, Rachel’s constant confidante and sometimes conscience, who is busy evading the affection of Darcy’s hopelessly love-struck friend Claire (Ashley Williams) while harboring a secret crush of his own; and Steve Howey as the charming and irrepressible Marcus, whose designs on Rachel don’t necessarily exclude any other woman who catches his eye.

Something Borrowed is directed by Luke Greenfield (The Girl Next Door) from a screenplay by Jennie Snyder Urman, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Emily Giffin.

Markette reading "Something Borrowed" book

Yep, that's me... checkin' out the book before I see the characters come to life in the film. See you on May 3!

And now the fun part…

We have 40 free tickets to the special screening on Tuesday, May 3, so hurry! Log on to for your complimentary tickets to an advance screening of Something Borrowed in Washington. Then input the following code: DCHEEL7267 to download your tickets.

See you there!



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    Hi Markette,

    I absolutely love your Web site. You have an awesome Web presence! I wish I was 20 years younger! …lol… to make a fresh start in interactive journalism. But I guess it’s not too late. Your videos are wonderful. You are on your way to greatness. Just be patient and believe in yourself.

    I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday at NABJ’s CBS event and riding home together on the train. I will definitely be in touch. I have an idea I’d like to discuss with you. I know that with your experience in interactive media you can help me.

    I’d love the free tickets, but since I don’t live in DC, this offer wouldn’t work for me. 🙂 I’ll be in touch through email later today. Take care.


  2. Markette

    Hi Judy! Thank you so much for your kind words! It was great meeting you at CBS yesterday and learning all about your blog on the train ride home. As I mentioned, I will be conducting a Social Media workshop at the Alliance for Community Media and it would be great to see you there! Let’s definitely follow up offline again soon!! –M