Bikini Revolution!

Wearing a bikini is a summertime ritual for many women in the United States and in Westernized nations around the world, but did you know that in Iran wearing a two piece is considered federal offense?!?!

Ready for a "Bikini Revolution"? Don't you think it's time... Iran? (Photos Courtesy: Prince Raassi,

At a recent party at L2 Lounge in Georgetown, I had the opportunity to take part in Bikini Revolution: a fashion show for the talented and fearless Iranian bathing suit designer, Tala Raassi. She was punished in her native Iran with 40 lashes just for wearing miniskirt.

Tala, in white sequins, sparkles amongst the models wearing her designs.

Raassi is now designing swimwear here in America and says that she wants women around the world to be able to express themselves and that clothing is a huge part of “freedom of expression.” Unfortunately, wearing a bikini is a freedom that Raassi was not afforded in Iran, where she experienced firsthand the pain of oppression.
michelle and friends

Enjoying the fab event!

The showcase of her Dar Be Dar original swimwear designs was a celebration of women’s rights. The designs were innovative, original and, yes… sexy.  They were a true tribute to the designer’s talent and vision of helping women feel comfortable, while also celebrating the beauty of our bodies.

It was her life experiences that ultimately inspired her to create her own unique line.  The event, benefitting the Washington Humane Society, was attended by more than 200 fashionistas and I don’t want to take way from the positive energy that the event was all about, but Raassi’s story is a powerful one, and if you want to know more about her, then check out the following link featuring a video explaining her story in even more detail: Passion, Drive Pay Off for Iranian Bikini Designer.

— Michelle Schoenfeld, “Beauty Buzz” expert for DC on Heels and co-owner of Renu Medspa
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  1. Carolyn Nau

    What a great story. It’s hard to imagine being in a country where you can’t express yourself through your clothing and jewelry. It makes me doubly happy to be here where we can not only express ourselves, but design to help others express their individuality. Our souls sing when we find ways to communicate who we are through our adornments, the more bodacious the better.

  2. Vanessa Camozzi

    Hi Carolyn thanks for following! Yes this story is really both incredible and inspirational!