Dressed in Blue with Carmen Marc Valvo

Carmen Marc Valvo’s mission has become more important more than ever. He has married his love for fashion with his role as an ambassador for the fight against colon cancer. He is a survivor indeed, and you can see it in his eyes as he speaks passionately about the need for information regarding this disease.

Last Friday, he partnered with The Colon Cancer Alliance for an exclusive cocktail party & Dress in Blue Day Runway Show.

He also participated in a book signing at the Neiman Marcus at Tyson’s Galleria, and offered a sneak peak of his Spring 2011 collection.

This renowned designer has dressed a glamorous roster of celebrities including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Winslet, Katie Couric, Queen Latifah, and Eva Longoria. His dresses for this season are delicate, soft, and very feminine.

I had the opportunity to ask Carmen a few questions about how experience with the disease had inspired  him. He smiled and said, “I think a lot more about life and death now. Black and white. Flowers have become very important to me, petals, origami, color…petals, petals are everywhere.”

Carmen also shared his message of how important it is to just get a colonoscopy early on to help prevent this disease. His belief is that communication is key. Two of his family members suffered from the disease, and he never found out until after he was diagnosed.

Dress in Blue Day Runway Show is only one part of Carmen’s partnership with The Colon Cancer Alliance. A dress auction and a limited edition blue t-shirt are also part of this movement to raise awareness. Visit The Colon Cancer Alliance for more information on how to support.  Also, all of the proceeds from his new book, “Dressed to Perfection”-The Art of Dressing for Your Red Carpet Moments,” goes to colon cancer research and organizations.

“I want to make talking about colon cancer fashionable and that is my goal. I am crusader in the fight to hopefully eradicate it someday in the future with all of the great help of all of the doctors and researchers but mainly to open a dialogue with family members,” Carmen passionately shared.

At the end of our very candid chat, it was hard not to realize how humble he is and his smile full of life. In a video for the CCA Carmen said: “My work in fashion is my passion and I love it but my true job, I believe, is my advocacy for Colon Cancer Research.”


Abigail De Casanova, “Fashionista” expert for DC on Heels.

Abigail de Casanova has been involved in the fashion industry for over 13 years. As a hairstylist and makeup artist she focuses on getting her clients ready for special events as well as working on photo shoots and fashion shows. Her work as a handbag and jewelry designer has been showcased at the MTV Video Music Awards, The Cannes Film Festival, among other high profile events including movie premieres in New York and Miami. She is the President of The DC Fashionista Group which was founded in 2006, a networking group for designers, models, photographers, makeup artists and hairstylists in the Washington, DC area.

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  1. Jennifer Butler

    This is a fabulous article about the amazing Carmen Marc Valvo! Here is a direct link to the exclusive and unprecedented gown auction: http://bit.ly/fGGvhP – check it out and support colon cancer awareness today!

  2. Kristy Jones

    I had the wonderful opportunity to attend this event and I must say Abigail’s beautifully written blog post has brought me back to that moment. Just like the colon cancer prevention message, Carmen’s new collection was absolutely inspirational. From the beautiful vibrant colors to the ultra-feminine structure of the gowns, the models looked like a dream walking down the runway. These pics are perfect representations of the show. I’m excited to read Abigail’s next post!

  3. Jinne

    Thank you Fashionista for this very informative article!
    It is so wonderful when designers of Carmen Marc Valvo’s caliber create masterpieces that tie in together with the passion and desire for educating the masses using fashion design as the bridge between the two.

  4. Tolu

    Awesome!! A wonderful article Abigail! Fabulous designs by Carmen Marc Valvo and for a very worthy cause! Thanks for sharing!