Cold Weather Fashion and Celebrity Doppelganger

It’s time to make fresh new bold statement. Last week we told you all about the”little black dress” which all the celebrities are stylishly stepping out in this year, but look out for this winter weather fashion trend and one of my personal favorites:  WINTER HATS. With the upcoming January forecast projected to yo-yo back and forth between the  30s and 40s — you will definitely want to keep that cabeza nice and cozy. So why not do it in style like some of these celebs!!!
Love this bold red hat that singer Taylor Swift is sporting.
Feisty and fashionable singer Katy Perry rocks out this mustard seed colored bobble hat.
Beyonce keeps it classy with this  light grey knitted cap.
And let’s not leave out the boys. Brad Pitt wears this classic fedora which every guy should own.
Actor Kevin Lutz is winter ready with his pageboy news  cap.
And here are  some of my favorite hats that I have worn in the past and will be wearing again this month:
This is one of my absolute favorite hats that I picked up at a local consignment shop here in D.C.
This light beige pageboy news cap always goes in my travel bag.
This military style hat is a must have. Pair it up with a hunter green coat for the winter.
Hats off to you! From V&M.
Wanna share? Send us a picture of you in your favorite winter hat to and will share it and showcase it!
And speaking of hats it was only appropriate to make TBD’s favorite fedora wearing movie critic Arch Campbell this weeks celebrity doppelganger.

Coming in as Campbell’s number one celebrity look-alike is none other then New York Yankees center fielder and baseball legend Micky Mantle at 72%.  Others on the list are British racing driver Nigel Mansell and one of America’s favorite dirty dancers the late Patrick Swayze, coming in last at 53% percent is funny man actor and producer Danny Devito. So what do you think about this week’s doppelganger, was it spot on or did it miss the mark? Write us or facebook us if you would like to be featured as our next Celeb Doppelganger.

That’s all from DC ON HEELS Bringing you the best in food, fashion and fun in the metro area.”

Besos xoxoxo Vanessa

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