How the iPhone Has Revolutionized Accessories

There’s a great line from the movie Steel Magnolias when Olympia Dukakis says:

“What separates man from animal is our ability to accessorize.”

How true, how true! It is a distinctly human trait to adorn one’s fingers with shiny, sparkly things; to add a flower to one’s ear; or place a feather in one’s cap.

But with the advent of touch-screen technology, man’s innate ability to accessorize has reached a new sophistication… Glittens!

A Columbia Heights man sports a pair of
glittens while searching for iPhone apps.

Glittens are a hybrid of fingerless gloves and mittens, and they are quickly becoming a necessary winter accessory for the tech-obsessed and everyone who has an iPhone or any other touch-screen mobile device.

Williams shows of his glittens.

Jeffrey Williams of Columbia Heights says when the weather cooled down this season, it became hard to Tweet, text and download from the Mac App Store while he was on the go. He says he was so eager to find a pair of gloves that would allow him use his iPhone in the cold weather that he resorted to going to where no man has (willingly) gone before.

“I bought these from the women’s accessories department at Target,” he said.

But who could blame him? While he was comfortably checking his e-mail on the corner of 14th and Irving Streets in Northwest Washington… other people stuck texting on the go with traditional gloves (including myself) were being left out in the cold.

Don’t let the smile fool you.
I was FREEZING out there!

I soon went out and bought myself a pair fleece-lined glittens… which I have grown to like so much, that I actually wore them while typing this blog entry!

These Glittens set me back about $18.
Not since Madonna’s Like a Virgin has fingerless gloves been all the rage.
Classic Madonna – circa 1984 – in white
lace fingerless gloves.
But iPhones aren’t the only use for glittens…
These Etre Touchy gloves retail for $31.70
(Photo Credit: Etre Touchy)

According to fingerless glove manufacturer, Etre Touchy (which literally means “To Be Touchy” when translated from French), glittens can be used for a variety of cold-weather actions and transactions, including:

  • Bank ATM machines
  • Kiosks
  • Sony PlayStation PSP, Nintendo GameBoy Advance and other handheld video games systems
  • Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and other e-Book readers
  • Cameras with touch-screen technology
  • Flip video cam and other camcorders
  • Fishing/angling equipment
  • Braille
  • Picking noses (using a tissue is at the discretion of the glitten wearer)

And this is not the end. As technology evolves, so will man and his ability to accessorize.

Stay-tuned, as I will continue to update you on new developments in touch-screen glove technology… and all things food, fashion & fun in the nation’s capital!



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