Last-minute Shopping Deals, Free Shipping & Holiday Markets

OK, Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me then you haven’t even begun to shop! I know, I know, there was Black Friday… and Cyber Monday… but oops! I kinda bought stuff for myself ūüėģ
Now it’s crunch time. What do we do?

Online shoppers: you can still find post-Cyber Monday deals on sites like Groupon and Living Social where you can literally buy a store credit at 50% off or even more, print it out and use it the next day.

But, if you have to ship a present to say family in Skokie, Ill. or Dubuque, Iowa then you can save on shipping with coupon codes, which are all listed on The site also lists major online retailers, like Best Buy and Macys who offer free shipping through the holidays.

Old School Shoppers: (meaning you actually leave your house and buy items in person) then consider heading down to your local craft market for cool and unique finds. Because the craftsmen are usually business owners, too, then you might be able to negotiate on prices if you plan to purchase multiple items.
The Downtown Holiday Market at the corner of 7th and F Streets in DC is open from noon until 8 o’ clock everyday from now through Thursday, Dec. 23.
Check out these cool finds I discovered during a recent visit.
Turquoise and gold snowflake earrings. $24
Hand painted Gothic-inspired jewelry boxes
by Paul Bierman of Box Boy. Prices vary.
Eclectic mini posters set in sculpted frames. $20
Photographic Collages of DC landmarks designed
by this lover of all things historic, Matthew Parker.
Mmm… dessert by Curbside Cupcakes.
A sweet gift for anyone.
My favorite find? A $2 finger puppet. Perfect gag
gift for bosses, managers and all other
“puppet masters”¬†in your life.
Free entertainment… a gift to enjoy for yourself
while shopping for others.
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