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If ya’ missed us Monday live with Morris on TBD, then don’t sweat it– catch up now. This week we chose our “Hot Heel” of the week from sponsor ShoeDazzle, tell you the best places to go for the holiday’s on one tank of gas, discuss the newly opened National Pinball Museum AND it’s the “Buff Body of the Week”–check out the biceps on this hottie!


It’s the holiday’s which means ONE thing for any fashion forward girl here in The District. SHOPPING! DING DING that’s right–with so much on our mind and a laundry list of  to do’s this season, it doesn’t need to be stressful. If you want effortless sophistication and are looking for the “it” cocktail dress  of the season to dazzle in at all your  holiday parties — then look no further I  now introduce you to Zophiaonline.com. This online boutique is the answer to finding that perfect dress. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet  with Executive Designer Betsy Garcete and enter her world of pure uber fashion and elegance.

Executive Designer , Betsy Garcete of Zophia Online Boutique

A talented local designer, born and bred here in  Washington, D.C., (though she is of Uruguayan and Paraguayan decent) Garcete’s cocktail dresses are the epitome of effortless sophistication with a strong retro feel and a 1940’s silhouette. Think Bette Davis, Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe. Want to look like these movie mavens? Then step into any of Garcete’s signature red zipper lined cocktail dresses. Each dress has a unique name and storyline inspired by a woman in Garcete’s life; and she must know a lot of beautiful and bold women, because all  her signature pieces are full of vibrant and  daring colors and patterns. Which includes one of my favorites; the black and gold leopard- inspired dress called the “Marielena.” But the strongest and most inspiring woman in Garcete’s life is her beloved grandmother Sofia, who was the first person to expose her to sewing and alterations. And so millions and millions of needles and threads later with a healthy combination of  blood sweat and tears–Garcete’s vision of Zophia was born. (Garcete changed the S in the name to a Z to add a little flair.) And flair this designer has combined with creativity, a keen eye, talent and passion which clearly is shown in her custom made dresses.

Model wearing  Zophia signature cocktail dress
Sequined leopard print signature dress by Zophia.
The “Marielena”
The Fall collection
I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one!
I literally fell in love with this hot red number
So many dresses to choose from.
The scoop neck back is to die for! 
Assistant Designer Kendra McCullough pictured with model.
The Glam Squad–Fashion Marketing Coordinator JC McCray, Executive Designer Betsy Garcete, and Assistant Designer Kendra McCullough  pictured.

JC McCray talks details with us about Garcete’s gorgeous threads.

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