Santa Takes Pics with Your Pets

Holiday fun?
Santa’s little helper or disgruntled pooch?

So, last week, a DC on Heels fan via Twitter (@centerpet) invited us to enjoy hot apple cider, chocolate chip cookies and holiday photos with Santa. The only catch? We had to bring our pet!

Marco gets his picture taken with Santa.
Meanwhile, me & my guy try to look calm.

I have to admit I was totally freaked out at the notion of trying to get my 6-year-old Shiba Inu, Marco, on Santa’s lap for 10 long seconds in hopes of getting one good frame that could be deemed worthy enough to be Christmas card fodder. I mean, this is the same dog who tried to jump out of the second story window of our D.C. rowhouse when he felt like we weren’t walking him enough. (BTW, we walk him everyday, just not on demand as he would like.)

He’s also the same dog who completely stopped acknowledging me for an entire weekend after I dressed him up like a pumpkin for Halloween.

Cute? I think so… but Marco, not so much.

To make matters even worse, this Japanese hunting breed is known for being cat like, which means they ain’t for holding hands and cuddlin’ too tightly — these dogs like to do their own thing.

Despite my trepidation, I decided to accept the invite from Center Pets and take Marco to get his photo taken with Santa after I found out that the proceeds of each $20 photo taken goes to the Washington Humane Society.

The animal lover in me caused me to cave… and surprisingly, Marco was on good behavior… as were these other pets:

Photos by Christine Meulemans Photography

If you’re a pet lover who’d rather skip the Santa pics with the pooch and support the Washington Humane Society in another way, then visit their volunteer and donation pages to find out more.

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