Win a brand new vintage overcoat or a warm and  fabulous trendy hat valued at $450 just in time for the holidays. DC ON HEELS and Top Rank Vintage fashion are teaming up for a spectacular HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY. Command your style in these fashion forward  pieces with TOP RANK VINTAGE.

Two of our lucky fans (one male and one female) will win these elegant and stylish vintage overcoat’s (pictured above) just in time for Christmas! All you have to do is Facebook or E-mail us your favorite sweet or savory holiday recipe. But you MUST be a fan to win!  Yes it’s that simple. The most delicious sounding recipe wins! And DC ON HEELS will be whipping it up for the holiday’s.

Give these gorgeous coats as a gift or rock it out yourself through the winter season. But whatever you do enter to win this spectacular holiday giveaway.  (You must be a fan to enter.) I feel like Oprah just giving things away…look under your seat right now j/k. OK there are no car keys or anything like that but this is a fun contest and the winners will be announced this month on Wednesday the 22nd.

And if you want to win this Top Rank Vintage hat (We are giving away two hats) then Facebook or E-mail us your favorite winter cocktail recipe (you must be a fan) and you will automatically  be entered to win! Most delicious cocktail wins! I can’t wait to taste test all the recipes that come in.  It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Good luck may the best man and woman win!


Top Rank started out by Mohamed Numan and Yvette Chaupis with basic principles in mind right out from its conception; authenticity, quality, style, distinctiveness and price.  Top Rank  has grown into a vision, a vision to bring authentic European military style vintage clothing that cannot be sought after at the best retailers in the country. Top Rank wanted to do this, as it saw a major trend in the industry to emulate military style fashion and wanted to find the source of this trend. As a result, Top Rank saw the vision, to not only bring authentic vintage pieces, sometimes over 40- years -old, but to bring it at a price that many could afford who would not have been able to had they gone to a Nordstrom or Macy’s. In most cases the most expensive wool coats  may cost $500 or $600 dollars at minimum at retail stores, while they are below $200 here at Top Rank. Top Rank’s official launch has yet to be announced but the fashion statement has already attracted artists for sponsorship and crowds at eastern market here in the capital with the website launching within a few days

Guess what time it is?…. It’s time for Celebrity Doppelganger. This week’s doppelganger is DC ON HEELS fan Chelsea Taylore. This raven-haired beauty has a blend of looks ranging from Madonna (her number 1 look-alike,) to  actress Leelee Sobeiski (remember her from that thriller movie the Glass House?!) And coming in at 78% is Taylore’s most glamorous celeb-look alike–the one the only Elizabeth Taylor. That’s fitting considering they have the same last name minus the letter E. What did you think about this weeks celeb dopp? Was it spot on or what?

Want to be our next pick for Celebrity Doppelganger? Then send us a message on Facebook or e-mail us  and will feature you as our next look-alike!

That’s all from DC ON HEELS Bringing you the best in food, fashion and fun in the metro area.”

Besos xoxoxo Vanessa

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