One Tank Trips: Christmas in Williamsburg

Cool: Winter wonderlands like the ones we see in snow globes.
Not Cool: Winter wonderlands like the ones we saw in Snowmeggedden 2010.

I don’t know about you, but this winter scares me just a little bit. I don’t know what to expect from this 30 degree weather and quite honestly, I’m still suffering from a cabin fever hangover from last winter’s Snowmaggedden. :-/

So here’s my pre-emptive strike: I’m getting the heck out of town before I get snowed in, lose power and get stuck playing Yachtzee in the dark with a flashlight.

One trip a monthfor the next three months… to see if there’s more to winter than just being stuck in my D.C. row house.

You game? Let’s go!

December. First Stop. Colonial Williamsburg.

Distance from DC: 156 miles

Time in Car: 2 hours 58 minutes

Best time to Go: Christmas! (

Things to Do: From historical re-enactments to touring the 18th century settlements to thrill rides at nearby Busch Gardens, apparently Williamsburg is the place to be get a fun and family-friendly historical perspective on Christmas in America throughout the ages.

Christmas in Williamsburg is described by many as an enchanting experience, as actors and tour guides get into full costume to take visitors back to the early days of America (when power outages were just called, “sunset”).

From now until New Year’s Day here are just few things to expect if you decide to one-tank trip it down there with me during the holidays:

Jamestown Settlement
A Colonial Christmas” gives insight into how the early English settlers weathered the holiday season in 17th century Virginia, and how the cultures of Virginia’s Native Americans Indians and Africans contributed to build a new society on our shores. (Burr… learning about the life before the days of central heating should definitely be humbling.)

Colonial Williams Christmas Decorations Walking Tour
This guided tour gives an up-close and fabulous view of Williamsburg’s renowned aleco-friendly holiday displays and wreaths made from materials like pine boughs, magnolia leaves, fruits and nuts, ribbons and more — ooh, how eco–historical-chic!
Christmastown at Busch Gardens

The Williamsburg theme park expands its usual entertainment to include the holiday spectacular that is Christmas Town: A Busch Gardens Celebration.

This year, in addition to the holiday traditions of England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Germany, visitors will also experience the flair of an Italian Christmas, featuring a golden color scheme, traditional Italian holiday fare and graceful angels as far as the eye can see.

There’s also a Santa’s workshop and a rumored Santa’s feast which I read about on… a feast I will be “investigating” 😉 when I go down myself sometime between now and the end of the year.
So be sure to stay tuned DC on Heels for my coverage of Christmas in Williamsburgs, plus my three month series on “One Tank Trips” you can take this winter that (hopefully) won’t give you cabin fever!
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