Top 3 holiday NO NO’s, Ugly Sweater Contest, trendy coats and UGGS

The December month is full of  joyous celebrations filled with holiday laughter, food, parties, and presents. But please  remember that you still have to follow some basic holiday etiquette. Here is my top 3 list for some major holiday NO NO’s.

#1 Don’t wear holiday sweaters.  I’m sorry they’re just not cute. I give you exhibit A B and C.

I don’t care if your’e the hottest person on the planet. Nothing good can come out of wearing these holiday threads. 
  Just ask this guy…
Do you have a loved one who has a bad case of the Ugly Holiday Sweater Syndrome also known in medical terms at UHSS? Then e-mail us! This month DC on HEELS will be running a contest for the ugliest holiday sweater in D.C.!!! Send us the proof and you will win a prize!!! E-mail us a photo and a little information about the sweater. Where did you get it? Was it a present?  Did you ever wear it?  Or did  you shamefully buy it yourself? Or perhaps you are nominating somebody else? Send us the details about the sweater along with a photo to and voila you will be entered to win an awesome prize!  The ugliest sweater wins, it’s that simple. More details about the prize to come! 
If you do want to keep warm for the upcoming chilly weather then wear  any of these trendy coats. They will keep you warm and looking hot!  Bold and bright are so in this year!

You can always keep it classic in camel too. 
And I will say that even though these sheep skinned boot (yes I’m talking about UGGS) are not the prettiest things in the world, they are sooooo comfortable and will keep your feet nice and toasty this winter that really who cares?!! This is when comfort and warmth actually prevails over style. There is always an exception to the rule and UGGS are the exception.  Love em’ or hate em’ there is something about these Aussie boots. Oprah thinks so too, though I’m not sure about the sparkly bedazzled ones she picked this year for her “Ultimate Favorite Things of 2010.” 

I’m going to stick to the classic ones…

Ok moving forward with the HOLIDAY  DONT’S…
#2 DON’T re-wrap a present that was yours, give it to somebody else and pass it off like you bought it. Karma is a b**** and that’s probably one of the least thoughtful things you can do. Plus you very well may get busted and is it really worth looking like a fool? 
moving on…
 #3. DON’T get trashed at the Christmas party. Remember you still have to work with these people on Monday. Nothing says awkward like having to face your boss and colleagues in the conference room for a meeting and having to pretend like nothing ever happened. 
This could be you. But lay off  the egg nogg and whiskey at the  X-mas work party…and you’ll be just fine.

That’s it from DC ON HEELS. “Bringing you the best in food, fashion, and fun, in the metro area.”

Besos xoxxoxo Vanessa

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