TBD recap, Turkey tutorials and Test your Thanksgiving IQ

If you missed out on any of last weeks spectacular events then don’t worry, you can catch up right here! Check out the segment on TBDTV with Morris Jones. This week Markette and Vanessa choose their HEEL OF THE WEEK from Shoe Dazzle. Markette rocks out “The Beverly” while Vanessa dazzles in moulin rouge colored heels called “The London.” The dynamic duo were also at WTT Smash Hits charity tennis tournament captained by Elton John and Billie Jean King. The two hosts were then off to ArtJamz in Crystal City,Va. where they “unleashed their inner artist” and painted the night away.

DC ON HEELS is wishing everyone a  Happy Thanksgiving. This year we  have soooo many things to be thankful for. THANK YOU  to all of our fans, viewers, colleagues, friends and family. Without all of YOU DCOH would not be the success that it is! So many thanks. This is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s all about family, reflecting and helping others in need and having a good meal.  And speaking of food.. how the butterball am I going to get my turkey from THIS…

to THIS…

Thanks to technology and the good ol’ World Wide Web, the pressure is off. OK well not completely since I still have to pull off a fabulous feast, but there are so many online tutorials, blogs, and forums to help ease the process and discounts that you can find online! I found this easy tutorial all about thawing your bird from Butterball’s Website.

OK that looks pretty simple, now on to the basting, stuffing and cooking tutorials.

And remember, nobody’s perfect, you have to march to the beat of your own drum and set your own holiday traditions. I won’t be  complaining though if a little beginner’s luck is thrown my way. And yeah mom’s stuffing may still  be the best, or nobody can top Nana’s pumpkin pie but at the end of the day it’s still all about reflecting on what you are most thankful for whilst being surrounded by friends, family and FOOTBALL of course. And the BEST part of it all… falling asleep on the couch thanks to all that tryptophan.

And while there will always be mishaps and things that don’t  exactly go as planned. (Just ask Paula Dean, remember when she got smacked in the face with a giant Butterball that was tossed directly to her noggin’!!! That wasn’t exactly part of the plan, but even the queen of cooking had to roll with the punches (no pun intended.)

And remember if it doesn’t quite go as planned..then there’s always next year!


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And now it’s time for our Thanksgiving Quiz. I went to History.com to learn some important facts about this special holiday. Test your knowledge with a little quiz titled FACT OR FICTION?

Fact or Fiction: Thanksgiving is held on the final Thursday of November each year.

Fiction. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln designated the last Thursday in November as a national day of thanksgiving. However, in 1939, after a request from the National Dry Goods Association, President Franklin Roosevelt decreed that the holiday should always be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month (and never the occasional fifth, as occurred in 1939) in order to extend the holiday shopping season by a week.

Fact or Fiction: One of America’s Founding Fathers thought the turkey should be the national bird of the United States?

Fact. In a letter to his daughter in 1784 Benjamin Franklin suggested that the wild turkey would be more a more appropriate national symbol for the newly independent United States than the bald eagle. He argued that the turkey was a “much more respectable Bird,” a true original Native of America,” and “though a little vain and silly, a Bird of Courage.”

Fact or Fiction. Native Americans used cranberries, now a staple of many Thanksgiving dinners, for cooking as well as medicinal purposes.

Fact. According to the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association, one of the country’s oldest farmers’ organizations, Native Americans used cranberries in a variety of foods and also as a medicine to treat arrow punctures and other wounds and as a dye for fabric.

Fact or Fiction: In 1863, Abraham Lincoln became the first American president to proclaim a national day of thanksgiving.

Fiction. George Washington, John Adams and James Madison all issued proclamations urging Americans to observe days of thanksgiving, both for general good fortune and for particularly momentous events (the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, in Washington’s case; the end of the War of 1812.)

And did you know?

John F. Kennedy was the first president to pardon a Thanksgiving turkey? President George H. W. Bush was the first to officially pardon one? And remember when Obama pardoned the Thanksgiving turkey  “Courage” in 2009? 

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

That’s it from DC ON HEELS. “Bringing you the best in food, fashion, and fun, in the metro area.”

Besos xoxxoxo Vanessa

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    On the heels of your Tryptophan and fact/fiction above, I'll add: http://www.snopes.com/food/ingredient/turkey.asp