Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden and Project Fundway photo hightlights

DC’s the ’90’s grunge=Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden

Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden is a fiercely local and independent web series, set in DC about the lives of a group of a teens growing up in the 90s. Quick flashback to the ’90s when we were all watching the show that was in the most popular and coveted zip code on the planet “90210.” Is the theme song still going through your head?

Love the acid wash jeans!! Oh how I miss the ’90s
 Was it Kelly or Brenda who you aspired to be? Were you Team Brandon or Team Dylan?

Brandon Walsh
Dylan McKay
DC ON HEELS supports local entertainment in the nation’s capital! With an array strong young actors, OBJB takes you through a real and raw look of peer pressure, teen relationships, popularity, sexuality, rebellion and so much more. The series centers around being 16 y.o. in DC in 1994 and the story follows the lives of a group of teenagers during the summer. Meet the characters here

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Season 3 finds the teens growing up and getting down in 1996. Think grunge, Doc Martens, rave and underage tomfoolery. The class of 1996 did it! They finally graduated. All that dumb high school drama is so yesterday. Or is it? Sarah’s and Gwen’s future plans just don’t seem to mix. Meanwhile, Libby, Alex, Tamsin and Remi face an endless summer of gummy worm fishing, ice cream eating and the occasional late night rave in an abandoned warehouse. Remi becomes a fakey faker and Alex finds herself in her own complicated love triang­­­le between too cool for school Sam and nerdy Davis. And…Adrian trips on acid and joins the Navy.

Join the teens as they pull you into their world of grunge florals and general jankiness during another summer in D.C… the summer when everything changes. 


The Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce hosted the event Project Fundway for high school fashion and design students. Three final applicants were selected based on style, individually and quality, and competed at “The Project FUNDway” runway competition, where their collections were featured and modeled by “Top Models.” The competition was judged by an expert panel representing all facets of the fashion industry . The students showcased a mini collection that took their concepts and sketches from the classroom to the runway. Sponsored by the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce, the winning student was awarded $5, 0000 scholarship towards a fashion education at any college or university of their choosing. 

(photos courtesy of Vithaya Photography

Congratulations to winning designer (pictured far  right) Abegbemisola Ademisoye, who designed an impeccable collection inspired by industrial feminist. 

That’s all from  DC ON HEELS “Giving you the local hookup to food, fashion and fun in our nation’s capital.” 

   Besos xoxoxo Vanessa

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    The show looks very IFFY!! not sure I would watch on that clip….but good reporting on all other things.

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    All the images of gals and gays are very nice. They are looking very great such that they are showing their own internal love.