A Shoe Extravaganza for a Good Cause

Indulging in a shoe crush can be a very dangerous thing…

… especially when there’s chocolate involved!

But thankfully, the recent shoe extravaganza attended by DC on Heels wasn’t only about the Badgley Mischkas!
Check out those heels!
Amid a setting of gorgeous shoes, beautiful accessories and chocolate-covered Oreos, the party’s hosts — Siobhan Davenport, Executive Director of The Rocksprings Foundation and philanthropist Ione Jamison, along with online boutique owner Lesley Elliott of New York City’s ShoeCrush.com — committed to raising funds and awareness about a unique program that provides scholarships for underprivileged youth to explore the great outdoors through our national parks. 
From left to right: Ione Jamison, Siobhan Davenport and Lesley Elliott
with beneficiaries of the ‘Youth to Parks’ program. 
So women shopped with a cause, and a portion of every sale went to the National Park Trust’s Youth to Parks Scholarship Program.    
And to sweeten the deal, the hosts invited three young men from the St. Ignatius Loyola Academy in Baltimore who have benefited from the program to speak on its behalf. 
This young man was happy to see
the ladies shop for a good cause!
All three young men gave impressive speeches, in which they acknowledged that if it wasn’t for the Youth to Parks program, they may have never had the opportunity explore national forests — excursions that broadened their horizons beyond Baltimore City. 
Grace Lee, Executive Director of National Park Trust
The organization’s executive director, Grace Lee, says there is medical evidence to show that children who spend more time engaging with nature in outdoor activities do better socially and cognitively, than children who do not. 
And on that note, she encouraged the more than 75 ladies who had gathered at Davenport’s home in the suburbs of Washington to shop, shop, shop for the cause…
Markette warming up to a pair
of exquisite Bettye Muller pumps. 
Ione takes a shopping break
to snap a pic with Markette. 

There was a shoe for every occasion!
All smiles with party attendees.
Dr. Ianessa Humbert snuggles up to Buddy Bison,
the mascot of the National Park Trust.
Charlie’s Angels?
The kids of the ‘Youth to Parks’ program may think so!
Want to get involved in the philanthropic shoe action? Go here to make a contribution, then go to ShoeCrush.com and enter the promo code: SHOECRUS10 to receive 10 percent off your next purchase!

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