Posh Pumpkins: Carving a Niche in DC’s Halloween Scene

The most stylish pumpkins in town…

Look at that carving detail!
… can only be found at the 4th Annual Posh Pumpkins Design Competition, held at 1725 I Street in downtown Washington.

Pumpkin inspired aquatic wonderland.
The amazing pumpkin-carving event involves the area’s leading architecture and design firms competing for the title of most creative pumpkin in the batch.. or patch… well, you get the point.

Sponsored by corporate furniture manufacturer, AllSteel Office Environments International, architects must fill out an application in order to enter the competition. Only two teams per firm are allowed to enter, so the competition is extremely selective.

Look out: it’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!
One of the winning teams were the architects of Burt Hill. They built their scary scene featuring Charlie Brown the night before the competition because, as they put it, “carved pumpkins don’t last that long.”
Architects Brian Tucker and Andrew Brister designed the
Charlie Brown scene, which they titled, “Linus’ Revenge”
Steve Jobs… forever immortalized in a pumpkin carving
Alice in Pumpkinland!
These M&Ms are eye candy, not real candy!
Trick or treat? Definitely a treat.
Melts in your mouth… not!
This year’s judges, who included journalist Beverly Kirk
(on the left), had some tough decisions to make.
But everybody came out a winner!
Mindy Lyle of All Steel was the fabulous
coordinator of the pumtastic event.
Ghoulish carvings make for a heck of design!
The design dolls behind the silver-coated pumpkin chandelier are:
Erin Kelleher, Christina Rocconi and Arielle Cummins.
Pumkin iPhone? There’s an app for that!

Well, that’s all for now ghouls and gals. Have a happy and safe, and fun-filled Halloween!



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