‘DC Housewives’ a Snoozer?

The DC Housewives inaugural season is over, and aren’t we glad?!?!

When you compare the ladies of DC to the Atlanta, New Jersey and now Beverly Hills wives, the District was a snoozer.

Even Michaele Salahi’s wild antics pale in comparison to NeNe Leak’s gregarious Southern-accented rhetoric (i.e. her over-the-top confrontation with hubby, Greg, where she roars at him: “You have done me WRONG as your wife!”).

And catty Cat? Total snoozer compared to Tardy for the Party‘s Kim Zolciak and New Jersey’s Teresa “Table Flipper” Guidice.

That is what the DC housewives seem to be missing: the nail-biting drama, suspense and wildin’ out behavior that has made Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise the guilty pleasure of millions of viewers nationwide.

If there is a season 2, what changes should there be? Here’s my rundown after watching part 2 of Thursday night’s reunion episode:

Michaele Salahi

Miss Independent – She’s under her husband Tareq’s mischievous spell, which could explain her lies — from the alleged White House invite to her claim she was a Redskins cheerleader. But is there goodness in Michaele’s heart? Does she really have Multiple Sclerosis? Maybe it’ll be worth a second season to find out.

Rude Jude – Remember Rude Jude, the infamously impolite guest on  The Jenny Jones Show? Well, Cat is the British version of that guy, only she can’t take the insults as well as she dishes them out. Will she break down and cry at another encounter with straight-talker Erika? I’d sure like to see a more self-aware Cat in season 2.

The Greek Chorus – She’s the only DC Housewife who seems to speak the reasonable truth about the haps and mishaps that occurred between the ladies on the show. Micheale does need a burger and fries, and I’m not mad at Lynda for saying it… or for calling Tareq slime in part 2 of the reunion episode. I’m also not mad at her taste in men. Would definitely like to her relationship with her chocolate man candy, Ebong Eka, develop in season 2.

Mary Amons

The Super Mom – The season opens with Mary focused in on her 5 children during a family photo shoot. And she doesn’t veer too far away from that theme, unless it’s for a bottle of wine. Yes, super mom gets happy with the ‘reds’ and the ‘whites,’ doesn’t she? And can you really blame her? She has 5 kids! I guess we can’t really blame lovable Mary for her “Salons need to be integrated… my sistah!” comment either. Maybe we can see Ms. Amons actually integrate a salon in season 2.

Stacie Turner

The Thinker – There’s a famous statue in Paris of a man thinking really hard. That’s Stacie. Yes, she comes across really well on the show — she makes good points and speaks the truth — but there’s no spontaneity like Lynda. Great for the corporate world… maybe not so great for reality TV. Would like to see Stacie take some cues from her ultra camera-comfy hubby and liven up a little in season 2.

I’m not bashing these ladies…. I’m just sayin’.

And now, in other totally unrelated news…

If you’re on housewife overload and looking for something else to watch this weekend, then check out the new Matt Damon movie, Hereafter

DC on Heels attended a special screening of the flick and it was totally spooky, super interesting, sometimes sad (bring tissues), but definitely worth it! You will be psyched!



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