Ask any woman on the planet and she will tell you that finding that perfect jean is an anomaly. We  can always come close, but there just never seems to be that perfect balance between comfort and style . Well guess what ladies? Look no further. The jegging has landed by way of Brazil. Beija Flor jeans Brasil  are the most comfortable and stylish jean I have ever worn. You will never want to wear another jean after you have tried these curve hugging, butt-lifting, body enhancing jeans! 

So what makes these  jeans so different? 

By targeting the “modern woman” whether she’s 22 or 52, the jeans are designed for women who want stylish, unique jeans that fit great as well.  The secret behind Beija-Flor, which is Portuguese for hummingbird is rather simple: the jeans are designed to work with rather than against a woman’s natural curves.   

Designer Kathy Moca is the mastermind behind these unbelievable jeans
The jegging (combo of a legging and jean fabric shown in the photos below is the perfect versatile, butt lifting, leg elongating jean. You have to go to WWW.ILOVETHESEJEANS.COM and check out their site. 

We were at Hysteria in Old Town Alexandria trying on these miracle jeans and interviewing  Kathy on  all the details of  how and why Beija Flor Brasil Jeans came to be. Beija Flor has been featured in magazines such as Essence, People, Good House Keeping, and Red Book. Beija-Flor jeans are available in over 250 stores across the country including Canada.  Check back for our full interview with designer extraordinaire  Kathy Moca . But for now check out the photos of our time well spent discovering that the perfect pair of jeans really do exist! 


Check out all the action from this years Fashion Fights Poverty held at the Artisphere in Rosslyn, Va. 

This years  non-runway event (yes that’s right) this year was all about getting interactive and up close and personal with the models. And this year had a RAW theme. Singer Matisse rocked it out. It was real and it was raw! 


Guess what time it is? It’s CELEBRITY DOPPELGANGER TIME. That’s what time it is. Each week DC ON HEELS will be bringing you the DC HOT 3 list.  Every Monday@ 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. on  TBDTV (Comcast Channel 28) we will be bringing you our entertainment segment of what’s hot and what’s not in D.C. This week it’s all about Fashion Fights Poverty, Miracle Brazilian Jeggings by Beija-Flor, and our Celebrity Doppelganger who is  none other than TBD anchorman Morris Jones. Morris asks us each week about  all the fun trending topics in DC! It was only appropriate that we made him our trending Doppelganger of the week! 

Coming in strong at the number one spot at 72% for MoJo’s look-alike is Aussie sensation Hugh Jackman. Funnily enough before I entered  Morris’s photo on the Website My Heritage to find out who his celeb look-a likes were, I was watching the movie “Wolverine” Wow I must have been subconsciously channeling Mojo’s celeb twin. Ok… or not….maybe it was just coincidence. But still. 

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