Fashion Fights Poverty: Photo Highlights

Having a blast: DC on Heels with FFP
Fashion Director Elaine Mensah

Check out our photo highlights from the 6th Annual Fashion Fights Poverty non-runway event. Yes, you read that right. Runways are so 2008.

This years FFP was all about models in the raw… live action… up close and very personal. Scroll below to see just what a non-runway fashion event  looks like.

Kadreika Maiden (center), co-founder & VP of FFP 
Jive recording artist Matisse
with FFP President Chris Belisle
M & V flank Real Housewives of DC‘s Ebong Eka
and DC newswoman Beverly Kirk
The event was held at the Artisphere in Arlington, Va.
T-shirts with an Attitude
designed by Crooked Monkey.

In place of a runway…
models stood perched atop pedestals.
Life imitating art as the models
pose in local designer labels. 
Funky, yet feminine threads by Chez Kevito.

The look of Pakistani designer Nomi Ansari.

Micheal Dumlao, Chief Creative Officer of FFP,
sporting goggles and a mask!

Afua Sam of Studio D-Maxsi

M and V strike a pose!
Model Behavior:
M and V sandwich a model after the show! 

Stay tuned to DC on Heels. Video highlights to come!



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