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So it turns out that Markette and I are just a pair of  adrenaline junkie thrill- seekers. Markette  has ridden the world’s longest floorless roller coaster at Kings Dominion called THE DOMINATOR. Remember that? LOL. 

Well maybe at the time she was a little nervous to say the least–but since then she’s toughened up and is ready for  some more action. This video alone has more than 60,000 views from Youtube.


I decided to take the plunge –albeit at 15,000 feet last year  in sin city. Yes I went skydiving and jumped right out of a jet plane. It was the biggest thrill of my life. I never thought that I would be able to go through with it! But I did.  And I have the crazy proof.  Now I’m ready for some more action.


So now we’re turning to our fans. What should we do next? What can top skydiving and and riding the world’s longest floorless roller coaster? Let us know! Send us an email to dconheels@gmail.com and tell us why and what you think we should do to get our adrenaline pumping. Maybe something to do with snowboarding, hiking, or  a flying trapeze? What crazy adrenaline pumping thing have you done that you never thought you would?

I can now officially say that I have tasted my way through Georgetown… and it was delicious! This past weekend was the 17th Annual Taste of Georgetown held on the major and historical cross streets of  M& Wisconsin. From 11am-4pm anyone with an appetite and a little bit of patience (this year the lines were long) could sample some of the best dishes from over 25 of the very best restaurants in G-town.  Single tasting tickets were $5 or you could purchase a five ticket tasting sampler for $20. 

New restaurants  to look out for are Muncheez mania–a late night spot  that will stay open for the for students who are up late studying or up late partying. Either way they can hit up Muncheez mania  that will specialize in flatbreads,  falafel sandwiches, and wraps.  And fellow relative newcomer that was serving up some of the sweetest crepes  was Crepe Amour located on M street. They featured the Nutella Crepe (gooey and decadent amounts of Hazelnut chocolate), the Bananalicious (Nutella and Bananas) and the Fraise Amour (Nutella and Strawberies) Is your mouth watering yet? 

Libby and Douglas Freeman of Arlington, VA said it was there first time attending the Taste of Georgetown. They were trying the sage gnocchi and butternut squash from Paolos’ Ristorante. Once piece of advice they did say was to COME EARLY! 

(pictured left) Libby Freeman (pictured right) Douglas Freeman

Kyla and Emma Silver came all the way from the Shenandoah Valley just to get a little taste of Georgetown. This was their second year attending the areas  premiere food and wine festival. This year over 12,000 people attended. It was a gorgeous autumn day so the lines were long and the food was running out. The key says Mrs. Silver–hit up the short lines first and eat your food while you wait in the longer lines. I spotted this pink duo while they were in a very long line for Old Glory BBQ.

(pictured left ) Kyla Silver (pictured right) Emma Silver

It all started on the lawn of the Grace Church in 1993 to help raise both awareness and additional money to fund the homeless assistance programs of the Georgetown Ministry Center.

Kevin Barone, Lisa Pfenninger and Lucia Castro were trying the pumpkin cheesecake from one of the best Italian restaurants in D.C.  Filomena’s. They said that the long lines were moving pretty well and that everyone was very friendly.

There was a celebrity judging panel on hand to judge–Most Colorful Dish, Best Use Of Spices, Dish That Made You Go “MMMM”, Most Delicious Way to Get a Cavity. 

Judging Panel:
Nycci Nellis, TheListAreYouOnIt.com & Dishing It Out Radio
Amanda McClements, Metrocurean.com
Samy K, HOT 99.5 Radio, the Kane Show
Max Browb, Washington City Paper’s Restaurant Rater winner

And the winners are… drum roll please…

Most Colorful Dish: Muncheez Mania – falafel wrap
Best Use of Spices: Neyla – all dishes (chicken shawarma sliders, hummus, baba ghannoug, etc.)
Dish That Made You Go “Mmm“: Fahrenheit (at the Ritz Carlton Georgetown) – fire grilled sweet chili wings with cool cucumber mint sauce
Most Creative Dish: J. Paul’s – chorizo corn dog with shrimp slaw
Most Delicious Way to get a Cavity: Hook – campfire s’mores
People’s Choice: Filomena Ristorante – beef brisket ravioli with a dolcetto wine and crimini mushroom sauce

For a list of all the restaurants that participated this year go to www.TasteOfGeorgetown.com  AND you can also get some of the great recipes right  HERE

Besos xoxoxoxo

Vanessa =) 

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