Going “Gaga” for Halloween & Craftiest Bastard Voting Continues

This Halloween, Get Your Lady Gaga Costumes Early…
The Bad Romance balladeer’s funky stage looks are coming to a Halloween store near you, and they are expected to sell out fast according to a recent report in USA Today.
Another thing that the clock is ticking on is the Craftiest Bastard voting!
The crafty son-of-a-gun photographed above is Virginia T-shirt maker Kelly Alder of PopIdiot
Renee Levinsky crafts up a storm for her Ugly Kitty Redeux line of jewelry. 

Kimberly Dorn, co-creator of the quirky art fair, explains the meaning behind the name “Crafty Bastards” in the video above. 
Ono Mangano is the crafty mastermind behind Sew Ono, an eco apparel line that uses recycled fabrics.

 Sweet Pepita’s clothling line for babies and toddlers is so sweet, it gave me a toothache!
That’s me checking out a hand-made recycled dress by Sew Ono.

All of these glorious Crafty Bastards (or inglorius Crafty Basterds, depending on how much of a Tarantino fan you are), they are just a few of the 150 vendors who attended Saturday’s 7th Annual Crafty Bastards art fair in Adam’s Morgan.

The vendors are now all vying for the title of “Craftiest Bastard” of 2010. 

You can vote for your favorite Crafty Bastard here through the weekend.

The winner will be annouced next week… stay tuned!

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    sew ono is the best!