Real Housewives Drama, Beyonce Sightings & Hillary’s Hair, Oh My!!

“Now I know the process and I know that I need to watch the wine bottles…” 

These famous last words are from Real Housewives of DC star Mary Amons who tells that if the show is renewed for a second a season, then she’ll be more careful about what she does and what she says (remember her, “Salons need to be integrated” comment?).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Someone who will go anywhere and not care (at least about her hair) is Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

At a meeting at the United Nations this past Sunday, the former first lady-turned-senator-turned-presidential candidate caught major flack for wearing her hair up in a clip.

Some critics said the style was “severe,” while others said the clip just “doesn’t cut it” for a woman of her stature. But as a busy working woman myself, who admittedly doesn’t have one hundredth of the responsibilities of Clinton, I say give her a break!

Kathie Lee Gifford seems to agree: “She’s busy and hair is not first on her list,” said Gifford on Today.

Many of us have had those bad hair days. I know I’ve had my fair share, when there wasn’t a ceramic flat iron within a 3-mile radius that could keep the flyaways at bay… so I’m kind of OK with Clinton caring more about getting to her meeting at the U.N. on time, than blowing out her hair and showing up 30 minutes late.

And speaking of showing up… 
Guess which superstar crashed a block party in New Jersey this weekend?!?!?!


Yep, Lady B herself, Beyonce crashed a block party in West Orange, N.J. while she and hubby Jay-Z were in the neighborhood visiting his mom.

No word yet on if any of the people seen in this clip will be recruited as back-up dancers for her next music video.

And if you wanna know where Beyonce crashes when she comes to D.C., then look no further than this vid:

Apparently, Beyonce dines downtown at Georgia Brown’s on 15th St. every time she comes to the nation’s capital.

I happened to be sitting at the table next to her, Jay-Z and two (really big) bodyguards and captured the video above after dinner.

Not sure what she ate on that night, but a source at the restuarant tells me she only eats boneless, skinless chicken breast in order to keep her dancer’s body in tip-top shape.

Somebody… order me a chicken cutlet… I’m going on The Beyonce Diet!


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