Girl Scouts and DC Fashion Week Designers

Girl Scouts glam it up with age appropriate makeovers

According to Newsweek magazine, girls’ interest in makeup peaks between the ages of 13-17.
That’s why Circle of Alexandria Salon and Day Spa provided complimentary makeovers to the Alexandria Girl Scout troop as part of its premier Teen Makeover Event this past weekend. The teens, recognized for their years of community service, received haircuts, makeup applications and styling lessons from the salon’s award winning staff. “This is our way of showing our appreciation for all the work these Girl Scouts have done for their community,” said Circe owner Ellen Vlasak.  “With these make overs we hope the girls will feel as special and beautiful as we all know they are.”
Girl scouts pictured with owner Ellen Vlasak

 Girl scouts post makeup makeover
So if you don’t have that older sister on hand to help give you those makeup tips at that age when you a start experimenting with your looks– then makeovers like this are the perfect solution to get it right. I am having flashbacks and breaking out into hives just thinking about the makeup I used back when I was just an awkward teen, and let me tell you it was not pretty. Think raisin lipliner with shimmering pink…WHAT WAS I THINKING? Best example I can give is Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Mathers. 

Yep guilty as charged. I really thought it looked great on me. I wish I would have been given a complimentary makeover and be shown ASAP this look was not ok. 
“This is great for teens who are just getting interested in makeup, like my daughter,” said Girl Scout mom Gretchen Schreiber. “I’m glad they’re encouraging natural makeup styles because that’s what’s most flattering when you’re young.”

Ok so from makeup to fashion: If you watched our segment on TBD with Morris Jones you know that we talked about DC FASHION WEEK that wrapped up another successful year of fashion right here in our Nation’s Capital. So I leave you with some great photos in case you missed it! 

Menswear Collection: Stella Bonds

Menswear Collection: Andrew Nowell Menswear

(Menswear  Photos by Damion Miller)

International Couture Collections Show

Designer: Heydari

Designer: Donj Moda House

Designer: Glynn Jackson

Designer: Cynthia Elleen

Designer: Michael Van Meele

Designer: Tata

Designer: Tata

Designer: Banshee

Designer: Myroslava

Designer: Red Hue

Designer: Top Rank

Designer: Transparante

Designer: Zander Z

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