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Vanessa and I had so much fun sitting in as guests on TBD: News Trends

So much so, that we’re going to be chatting live in the studio with host Morris Jones (also known as “MoJo”) every Monday evenings at 4:30 and 6:30 on TBD TV (Channel 28).

Be sure to tune in and get all of the latest entertainment news from two girls who know all about food, fashion & fun the D-M-V!

Where can you see us next? 
Vanessa and I are also proud to announce that we have been tapped to be Social Media Ambassadors for the Signature Chef’s Auction at the Ritz-Carlton on October 26.

Featuring 20 of the Washington Metro Area’s most celebrated chefs, this foodies paradise will feature the culinary delights of Oprah’s friend and former chef, Art Smith and his cooking compadre Chef Travis Timberlake of Art & Soul. Baby Love cookbook author Chef Geoff Tracy of Chef Geoffs (love his huevos rancheros, BTW) will also be on hand, along with reality TV competition winner, Chef Rock Harper of Hells Kitchen fame.

So if you happen to be there and see us glued to our BlackBerries during the event, please don’t think we’re being rude! We’re just fulfilling our ambassadorship duties by Tweeting, texting and Facebooking about all of the amazing food provided by D.C.’s very own celebrity chefs!

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