Ben Affleck, Blake Lively Sizzle in The Town

So, we all know that Ben Affleck sizzles on screen…


… but in the gritty Boston-based cops and robbers drama, The Town, audiences find out that Affleck, who directs and stars along side Gossip Girl Blake Lively and John Hamm, sizzles behind the camera, too.
And if you haven’t forgiven Affleck for the 2003 box-office bomber Gigli yet, then this might be the movie to change your mind.
At a special advance screening on Tueday night, I joined 60 DC on Heels ticket winners and local movie critics Willie Waffle of DC 50 and Big Daddy Kev of FOX 5 and 106.7 The Fan for a night of Boston-baked suspense and drama.
Big Daddy Kev (photographed above) gives the movie 4 out of 5 BDKs (that means go see it in the movies, as opposed to waiting for it to come out On Demand).
“There are so many positives with this film that they almost cover up the negatives like make-up,” says BDK. “Another shock is how great of a director Ben Affleck really is.”
Meanwhile, Waffle calls Affleck “the next Clint Eastwood” in his review on He gives the movie 3.5 out of 4 Waffles.
I’m no movie critic (just a chick who likes drama-filled flicks), but I’d definitely give this movie a stiletto instead of a flat on the DC on HEELS scale of drama.
What I liked best about the movie was that the Charlestown ‘Townie’ slang sprinkled throughout the movie, such as:

“I heard you got hit by a bread truck.”
‘Townie’ Code for: I heard you may have come into some money.
“I’m puttin’ this town in my rearview mirror
‘Townie’ Code for:I’m leaving this place and I’m never coming back!
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