Goo goo for Gaga and TBD Launch Party

D.C. goes goo goo over Gaga

Lady Gaga gave a riveting performance at the Verizon Center last night here in The District–and all her fans in their glory really dressed the part for the concert. It certainly wouldn’t be very Gaga-esque to not be wearing rubber latex, feather, goggles, or sky high stilettos. Take a look at what inspired these concertgoers…

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Gaga even stopped her performance during the show to stop a fight! The music stopped and she told the battling duo to STOP FIGHTING at her show. She promoted love and unity and eventually got back to her song; not of course without first asking “Do you think I’m sexy?”

She also ordered her fans to live in the moment, get off their phones, and leave the concert not loving her more but “loving yourself” more. Looks like Gaga has a heart of gold.

TBD Launch Party at Martin’s Tavern
Yesterday also happened to be the launch party for the cutting-edge, web savvy, news media outlet –TBD stands for To Be Determined. (Their is an interesting side story of how that name came to be) The party was held at the iconic and historical restaurant Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown. DC City Councilman Jack Evans stopped by the party for an impromptu toast.

We also chatted it up with the talented and creative funny man Bill Rice. (He has the best personality EVER)
Between the food, the company, and the atmosphere, we gave it two thumbs up!
Both Jim Brady (former executive editor of the Washington Post) and Erik Wemple (former City Paper writer and editor– remember Loose Lips or Frio or Fuego) and TBD Director Steve Buttry ( former editor The Gazette) are heading up this much anticipated hyper local news site. TBD is a fresh new perspective with a focus on digital mobile and community engagement. TBD is not afraid to take chances in this changing digital landscape and will be the leader and frontrunner in news media when it comes to technology. Markette and I had so much fun via Skype talking to Mojo on the afternoon show. (Channel 28)

So stay tuned as lots more exciting news, trends, technology and innovative ideas will be flourishing from this media outlet and DC on HEELS of course!

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