Rihanna Comes to DC… in Wax

Ri-Ri Gets Waxed in the D-M-V…
Amid a sea of large umbrellas (ellas, ellas), Madame Tussauds of Washington unveiled a life-sized wax figure of pop music superstar, Rihanna.
And DC on Heels hears that the wax version of Ri-Ri is just as hot as her real-life persona, complete with a black lace corset, blinged out accessories and a fierce pair of stilettos.

And speaking of fierce stilettos..

Everyone who was at the DC on Heels Happy Hour last Friday knows that the networking event turned into a bona fide party when the clock struck 10.
As a result, by the end of the night Vanessa and I went from “DC on Heels” to “DC in Pain” – our feet were seriously hurting from dancing in 4-inch heels all night (as evidenced in the boogie down production photographed below).

I Facebooked about my “pedicure hangover” and DCoH fan Denise of Rockville, Md. offered up this handy advice for the next time any of us girls hit the club in stilettos:

Thanks Denise and thanks to all of our fans who came out Friday night!!!



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