The Real Housewives of DC: Video Interviews

Markette and Vanessa get ALL the scoop at the premiere parties of RHODC


The Salahi’s tell Vanessa what happened on The View according to them.

Mary Schmidt Amons tells Markette about the birthday party incident and her now infamous biometric fingerprint used to access her closet.

Lynda Erkeletian talks to Vanessa about the wine throwing fiasco that occurred involving Tareq Salahi.

Stacie Turner dishes to Markette what the housewives are really like including her trip to Paris with the Salahi’s and what she hopes the the Real Housewives franchise will do for her charities.

Vanessa interviews Michaele and Tareq Salahi and asks what exactly happened on The View.”I’ve been ‘Whoopied’ says Michaele.

Markette interviews Mary Schmidt Amons

Vanessa interviews housewife Lynda Erkeletian

Markette interviews Stacie Turner and her hubby.

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