PHOTOS: “Real Housewives of DC” premiere parties

DC on Heels was on the scene at not one, but two dueling housewives parties!
White house party crasher-turned-Housewife Michaele Salahi hosted her own event at EFN Lounge, where hubby Tareq was on hand help her bask in the limelight.
Vanessa cornered the Salahi posse and got the scoop on what happened with Whoopi on “The View.”
“She didn’t hit me,” said Salahi of the incident on “The View.”
Meanwhile, I caught up with Salahi’s wardrobe stylist, Julie Wilson, who said that if she’s gonna be controversial, then she might as well look good!
And when I talked to DC Housewife Stacie Scott Turner, she said of the Salahis: “You know, they’re really nice people. We actually had a good time with them.” Turner also told me that she went to Paris with Salahi and had a ball… go figure!
We also chatted with…
DC Housewife Lynda Erkiletian, who said wine thrown in her face by Tareq Salahi in a temper tamptrum while they were promoting the show in Beverly Hills last week!
DC Housewife Mary Amons, who is now famous for the finger print scanner on her closet door, says her first days of filming included a stylish celebration in honor of her.
“It was birthday… and I love my birthday!”
Stealing a hug from DC Housewife Lynda Erkiletian’s “man candy” on the show, Ebong Eka.
DC on Heels with Howard Cromwell & gang, organizer of the controversial Housewives party of DC.
We also chatted up Housewife Stacie’s husband, Jason, who said he is super supportive of his wife… what a doll!
Paul Wharton with DC Fashion Designer Aidah Fontenot. Some say Wharton is the 6th Housewife of DC… what do you think?
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I dunno… I think Vanessa and I make pretty good housewives, too. No?
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