Top Ten Top Models, Housewives Party, and DC Celebrtiy Doppelganger!


It’s down to the wire. DC auditions for ANTM Cycle 16 has narrowed it down to 10 wannabe hopefuls. Cast your vote NOW only on home of the CW. Who do you think has what it takes to make it through out of this bunch? I’m loving fresh faced beauty #3, but that’s just my opinion. Overall, what do you think of this group? Do you know somebody who has what it takes to sashay there way on the catwalk and get in front of Tyra and company as America’s Next Top model???

And speaking of fierce– tomorrow
DC Houswives will be dishing out the drama on screen and maybe even off ?!!!

DC on HEELS has learned that there’s a plethora of parties between the housewives. According to an article by Emily Miller of the Salahi’s will be hosting a separate after-party following the exclusive premiere hosted by Bravo and Half Yard productions (being held at the Madison Hotel.) The screening party is for close friends of the housewives (who will all be in attendance) and media will be limited. Then after that, the Salahi’s will be hosting their own party at EFN lounge, while the other four housewives Amons, Erkiletian, Ommanney and Turner are hosting their after-party event with Washington Life Magazine at Buddha Bar.

Either way and either party you attend… the DC Houswives will be sure to entertain. All drama aside it’s just suppose to be fun lighthearted entertainment for your viewing pleasure. Nobody is saving lives here, so let’s all just watch the show, attend the parties and ENJOY it! It is ENTERTAINMENT after all.


Coming in at the number one spot with 96% is the bootylicious and talented triple threat Mrs. Beyonce Knowles or is it Beyonce Z? Either way that’s what the face recognition ran for the lovely Oh My Goff.

Runner-ups include fellow news reporter and journalist Katie Couric, actress Kate Bosworth, and my personal favorite Doritoes spokes gal and former Miss USA Ali Landry! Hey I wish my doppelganger would put me with a former Miss USA! Ok what are your thoughts? Was the face recognition spot on or what? I can def. see a blend of Landry and Couric with a dash of Bosworth and Knowles.

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