Chelsea Clinton Wedding Picture… and My Ode to Awkward Teenage Girls

Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea! What a beautiful bride your are!

(Photo Credit: Barbara Kinney via FilmMagic / Getty Images)
Excuse me while I gush over the former first daughter. You see, I feel a special connection with Chelsea as we are exactly the same age. And while I watched her grow up during those awkward middle school years on television and in People magazine, I, too, was going through that same phase of being an awkward teenage girl with frizzy hair and unplucked eyebrows.
But look at Chelsea now! She is all grown up and has blossomed into an intelligent young woman (with degrees from Stanford, Oxford and Columbia) and a refined beauty in her own right.
Over the years, she’s also been smart enough to stay out of her parents drama (“…and I think you know what I’m talkin’ about”) to create a path for her own life that is uniquely not in the shadow of her powerful mother and father.
I believe congratulations are in order. Not only for Chelsea being a beautiful bride and finding the guy of her dreams, but for serving as an example for and an inspiration to all of us former awkward teenage girls — you did us proud!
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P.S. — The bride wore Vera Wang.
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