Kitchen Confessionals and Heel of the Week

Cooking doesn’t always come easy to everyone.. We’ve all at one point in our life had a kitchen disaster story. I’m sure even my hero Paula Deen has been there once or twice.
So Lauren DeSantis (of Capital Cooking), Markette, and myself decided to share our worst experience in the cocina with you–Spatula gone wild, chicken pot pie gone wrong, and pumpkin pie forgotten… What’s your kitchen confessional? Leave us a comment below and share with us your kitchen story! But if the saying is true that you have to go through the bad to get to the good then it’s all gravy baby!


Sometimes us girls need a lift, but we’re not always in the mood to wear a heel. That’s why a wedge is the perfect balance of height and comfort. I love this weeks heel of the week by Nina Cortney. This woven wedge has a 4″ heel lined with leather and is the perfect fit to any summer day.

Vanessa’s Pick:

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And for only $100 and free shipping from Zappos it’s a win win situation. That will put a smile on any girls face. So get to ZAPPING.

I don’t want to leave the boys out as finding that perfect summer sandal can be a real challenge. So my advice and personal preference is for guys to keep it simple stupid–and opt for the classic Havainas Brasil. These flip flops are available in every color you could ever want, are super comfortable and casual and look great on anyone. Oh and for $21 buy a few pairs. Get your basic colors like black and brown and then throw in a fun color like the blue shown below! So there you have it guys. Now get to ZAPPING.

Vanessa’s pick for the boys:

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Ciao for now

Vanessa xoxoxoxo

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