The Big O, Cheap bargain finds, and Heel of the week!


Forbes came out with their list of World’s Most Powerful Celebrities for 2010, and it’s noooo shock that Oprah Winfrey took–or rather earned the number one spot. So how exactly does Forbes make their list and what does most “powerful” really mean? Well the term “power” is not juts about income. They factor in fame, which it measures by calculating how often the individual is mentioned in print, TV, radio and on the Internet. Beyonce Knowles came in at number two, and “Avatar” director James Cameron was number three on the list. Rounding out the top 5 was Lady Gaga just above Tiger Woods at the 4 and 5 spots. I was surprised to see Britney Spears on the top ten (#6 actually) considering she’s been pretty low key for the past couple of years– post head shaving, umbrella hurling incidents of the past.
But clearly this grown up pop princess still has it and is still being written, and talked about. Like now I suppose!!! Since I am writing about her this very second. Ok I am stopping.
So will the Oprah empire ever die down even now that she is planning to step down from her throne? I doubt it. Oprah is and will continue to be a powerhouse–just not always on camera. She’ll be working it–behind the scenes. Say what you want about Oprah (and her weight battle) but their is something about this woman that connects to EVERYONE. And that my friends is truly POWERFUL. Ok segwaying from the rich, powerful and famous to most of us normal folks reality: BARGAIN FINDS!

Ok I usually showcase the stiletto of the week, but this weeks heels are extra special because they are not only stunning, but such a BARGAIN find. Nothing is more thrilling than the hunt of a true bargain. I have always loved shopping at consignment shops and thrift stores.Though its been around for a long time, I never noticed how great Marshalls is. Marshalls has such incredible deals– designer pieces for just a fraction of the cost! And yes you have to be in the mood to shop around and dig a little, but it’s well worth the time. These days with the economy we are all looking for a little relief in our wallets and stores like Marshalls and Tj Max are doing just that! I’m sure even Oprah has shopped there with her BFF Gayle King at one time or another.
Heel of the week:

Yes I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in these shoes. They are super comfortable even with a 3″ heel. I love the peep toe look for summer, and guess what?!!! I paid just $40 dollars for them at Marshalls.
Picked up this hot pink bikini number for the pool
Love the strapless top. No tan lines yay!

Made by one of my favorite surfer girl brands
And the best part was that it was only $20.00!
This potpourri owl is so cute. Great for a gift or for yourself! I just had to get it. Smells so nice in my apartment thanks to the fresh citrus notes permeating through the air. It’s functional and decorative. Did I mention I got it for $15.00?
Do you have any favorite bargain stores or amazing bargain shop finds? Comment below in the comments section or email us at with your cheap find and photo and will feature it on the blog!

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