Hot in the kitchen with Lauren DeSantis and Fashion Disaster and Darlings


We had so much fun in the kitchen with DC’s favorite culinary gal from the hit show Capital Cooking with Lauren DeSantis.
We were basting. chopping, cutting, boiling…ok not really, Lauren did most of the work since cooking is neither my or Markette’s strong suit. (Look out for our segment titled “Kitchen Confessionals”–where the three of us share our kitchen disaster stories) Lauren showed Markette and I how to make a delicious Tzaziki dip from her new cook book.
Lauren’s hit show Capital Cooking takes viewers on a gastronomic journey and her NEW accompanying cook book contains over 90 different recipes including appetizers, main entrees, cocktails, and tons of cooking tips. The best advice Lauren gave us was: keep it simple, prep your ingredients, don’t be afraid to dig in, and of course have fun! YOU can win an autographed copy of Lauren’s cook book too. “Like” DC on HEELS, post your favorite cooking tip on our wall, and voila you will be automatically entered to win Lauren’s new cook book.
You can also buy her cook book from which retails for $29.99
We kept it fun of course!
All smiles here

Eating the Tzatziki dip that Lauren showed us how to make
And lets not forget about the cocktails we made: Mango Margarita and the Flirtini
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Brown shirt, red bra showing, brown skirt, and running shoes??? Fined $300
Only one mistake here, one BIG mistake–Is it a boot or a sandal? Not loving these at all
Fined $100 buckaroos
Ok this isn’t sooo bad, I just didn’t know helmets had “hair flair”– It’s kind of rock and roll though so I get it. Partially fined $50
Thank goodness I ran into Yanee from Alexandria, Va.
Love the floral skirt and strappy sandals!
Yanee is picture perfect in this flirty mini skirt and tank. The tank is form fitting and the fun floral pattern on the skirt keeps it young and fresh. The yellow strappy sandals by Steve Madden add the right kind of “flair” to her look and black sunglasses and an oversized boho bag keeps things urban.
Yanee’s three favorite bargain stores to shop are:
Steve Madden (for shoes, like her sandals pictured above)
Yanee says it’s important to keep things light and comfortable for the hot summer, that’s why skirts are the perfect choice. She says to steer clear of jeans, as they can look cute but leave you feeling like a hot sweaty mess.
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