Maradonna’s watches, Celebrity Doppelganger, and 5 Websites that will change your life


Three minutes. That’s all it took to almost be 86’d out of the World Cup for Team USA. But star player Landon Donavan kicked it into high gear with his thrilling goal, beating the Algerian squad today, and now Team USA advances to the playoff round of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Most other countries don’t view the USA as a leader or winning team in “football. ” We are the underdogs when it comes to winning the World Cup, but if today’s play by Donavan is any indication of the future, then I’d say it feels great being the underdog. GO USA!

Another team I am looking forward to watching is Argentina.

I lived in Buenos Aires for two years and the excitement that surrounds and unites this south american country when it comes to “soccer” is unmatched to anything I have ever seen. Their national hero Diego Maradonna had god-like status and can’t go anywhere in the country without being mobbed. I noticed years ago when I was living there that he would wear two watches.

When I asked why, I was told that first and foremost, Maradonna is eccentric and eclectic in his tastes, but that the real reason was so he could always have the local time in Argentina where is two beloved daughters Dalma and Giannina reside.

Yahoo reported the story earlier last week and although they were accurate about him having one watch set to the time of wherever he is in the world and the otehr set to the local time back in Argentina, they didn’t mention that he started this ” eccentric trend” years ago because he was traveling so much all over the world and it was actually more for sentimental purposes. Don’t get it twisted sentimental or not, those watches could probably fund a kid through college. He is wearing two very pricey watches designed by Hublot.


This weeks celeb dopp. is Aidah Fontenot. Coming in strong at 83% is Aidah’s number one celeb look- alike, hot hollywood actress Gabrielle Union. Close at number two and three– are actresses Nia Long and Rosario Dawson.

Let’s watch Aidah morph into her number one.

I see the resemblance. Do you?


Katrina Kugel is is the co-founder of and has spent years scouring the Internet to save pennies wherever she can. Katrina has narrowed the field down for you to the 5 Websites that you must know about.

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  1. Sample sale websites are now everywhere- many specializing in a particular avenue- either beauty, or home goods, or fashion, but offers a little bit of everything. Past deals have included handbags, gourmet cookies, coffees, designer denim, letterpress stationary, jewelry, hammocks and more. Their bottom line: the more people that shop, the LOWER the price goes. When the daily product offer is introduced, consumers have 24 hours to drive the already discounted price even lower, resulting in up to 80% off the suggested retail price of a product. No one is charged until the end of the 24 hour period- so the idea is to get as many people purchasing the product as possible to keep driving the price even lower- the final price is up to the consumer. On average, most products wind up selling for 68% off the retail price.

  1. Before you shop- anywhere online or at the mall or a major retailer- log on to Dealio has thousands of discount online coupons, as well as the best shopping deals. You can print out coupons to bring to a store, or take advantage of online coupon codes for when you’re shopping from the comfort of your own home. Members share the coupon codes they find as well in the Dealio community

  1. Want to save hundreds of dollars each month on groceries? is one of the simplest sites we found- you just select the coupons you would like to print, or use the checkboxes at the top to select all the coupons in a certain category- it breaks everything down by food, household, petcare, beverage, and so on.As you select coupons, you’ll see your estimated total savings update in the green bar. When you’re ready to print your grocery coupons, hit the “Print Your Coupons” button and you’re done! Since they’re all manufacturers coupons you can use them just about anywhere.

  1. Before you book your next vacation, sign up on It’s free and allows you to track flight prices before you buy- alerting you via email when prices drop and when to buy to save money on airfare.

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