Deal or No Deal? Buffalo Chicken Sliders, $7.95

Buffalo Chicken Sliders, $7.95

I know what you’re thinking: “$7.95, that ain’t bad.” But actually seeing these bite-sized “boy-guhs” in person may have you singing a different tune.

While the buffalo chicken sliders are extremely tasty, they are also extremely bite-sized — I’m talking about no bigger than a large hush puppie.

And, yes, while it is only an appetizer, the other thing that kind of annoys me about this dish is that it comes with only 3 sliders. Since I was splitting the plate with someone else, we had to play the awkward game of: “You take the last bite.” — “No, you take it.” — with neither one of us not really meaning it (you know how that goes).

Is it too much to ask for an even portion of 4 sliders for the same price of $7.95?

I dunno, I’m just a hungry patron. What do you think? Deal or No Deal?

Here are some details to help you decide:

Menu Item: Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Price: $7.95

Restaurant: The Heights

Cuisine: Traditional American Fare

Neighborhood: Columbia Heights, Northwest DC

What the menu tells you you’ll get: “Buffalo Chicken Sliders w. Provolone”

What I actually got: 3 tasty, but small white meat buffalo chicken sliders which, when put together, doesn’t even amount to a whole chicken breast.

Would you order this? Is this a Deal or No Deal? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.



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