All the Single Ladies…

So apparently, the legs are the last thing to “go.”

Sixty-four year old “Single Lady,” Liza Minnelli gave a dazzling performance of Beyonce’s bachelorette anthem in the new Sex & The City movie that was so funny, you almost forget you are watching a senior citizen shake her derriere in booty shorts. Apparently, when it comes to getting older, the legs are the last thing to go and Liza worked her best… or last asset 😉
And speaking of legs…

Vanessa Hudgens obviously knows this secret because she recently ripped to shreds a couture evening gown just before hitting the red carpet in L.A. on Tuesday.
OK, so maybe I was exaggerating when I said ripped it to shreds, but Yahoo’s OMG! blog did report that she grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the dress above her knees to give it a sexier look.
What do you think of V-Hud’s “D.I.Y.” look? I think she pulled it off, but I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home 😉
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