valentines day


Did your winter romance not quite last until Valentine’s Day? Thinking of going out as a recently single person on this (consumer ‘holi’-) day of love? DON’T DO IT When you’re sad and alone on Valentines going out by yourself is like spending hours on Facebook when you already
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Valentine’s Day Style

Colorful Outfit Ideas for A Happy Day I’m one of those people who celebrates pretty much every holiday in my planner including Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect time to indulge in (more) chocolate and make cards with an obnoxious amount of hearts on them. (Am I
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Who is the heck is St. Valentine anyway?

I’m always fascinated each time a holiday rolls around how and why we have come to celebrate it. Why do we give each other chocolates and go out to fancy dinners on February the 14th? Who the heck is St.Valentine anyways and what did he do? Well, (according to Wikipedia)
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