vanessa camozzi


  YUP!  I did it! I went both sunless and naked in the new Versa Spa on Saturday.  Let me tell you, seeing is believing!  I met up with the lovely Vanessa C. from DCOH last week and saw her amazing glow.  Ha!  I thought she just came back from a vacation.  Nope!  She told me
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Blowout Bliss at Drybar

When I first heard the name Drybar, I thought  to myself  “Well this doesn’t sound like my kind of bar–I like my bars to be flowing with vodka, bourbon and beer.” That was of course  until I discovered what “Drybar” really is. Holy hair we hit
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Capitol File Magazine WHCD After Party 2012

April 28, 2012 Night at the “Newseum” 555 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC. Capitol File Magazine’s 7th Annual White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner Party was filled with glitz, glam, cocktails and fashion fabulousness!  Golden Globe winner Claire Danes hosted
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